Monday, October 15, 2012

almost a week...

since i last posted! wow... thought id show a couple more halloween decorations.
i made a few of this first one for gifts too, fun to do!

love the boarder fabric in this one..
sister jana stitched this for me... 
click on the picture to see it up closer!
the boys were home this weekend..
grand babe #2 with uncle jason, picking apples 
uncle jas get that one...
jeff and tonya picking apples 
the boys cutting down a dead tree.. jas had it down and then jeff took over..
never a dull moment with these 2 brothers! 
jeff and tonya fixing my little fence.
so we did manage to get a few things done and have fun! i fed them well too!
enjoy your day!                   jody



  1. How fun to have the kids home and help out. I'm sure their ulterior motive was not only seeing you but eating yummy things from your kitchen.

  2. How fortunate to have all those helpers to do what needed doing. They get well fed I'm sure.Great family pictures to treasure.
    Have a great week Jody.

  3. Your little Halloween quilts are so cute. JB

  4. Hello the sweet Halloween cute...looks like a very enjoyable weekend...always a joy to have family over...Blessings Francine.

  5. Love the pic of Jeff & Tonya picking apples. Oh, to be young again!
    Hugs :)

  6. Wonderful family fun.
    Love it.
    Love the Halloween stitcheries too.
    Hugs to you Friend

  7. I love everything the kids picking apples is just great they look like they were having a great time.