Saturday, October 20, 2012

sleepy saturday..

its dreary outside, cool and rainy, i am the only one in the house not sleeping. i have 3 pups and 1 kitty in the den here with me and they are all cuddled in. the other 2 kitties are in their specials napping spots.
i thought it was time i hung up the fall quilts so i took a few pictures to show you.

i did this quilt with brush cottons and a nice larger prim stitch. i love the backing!  
i showed this a while ago but wanted to show again. auntie Mary gave this to me, i love everything about it! the colors, the black birds and auntie Mary! 
i didn't think i was ever going to get done with this one, all the blanket stitching ect... once i was done i missed having it to work on... 

 yesterday i made a Chinese chicken dish from octoberfarms recipes.. yum!! 
i love my blue and white from japan.. i don't use it as much as i use too. i found these 2 utensils while getting out the chopsticks, i used the one with the teeth to grate up ginger and garlic, the other is a rice paddle. i did decorate with my blue and white when in japan and used the dishes everyday.  
#1 grand babe spent the day with me as he had no school or day care. we had a busy day playing with his uncles old toys and eating chz bread...
 Sadie is visiting again and has the right idea!!
enjoy your weekend my blogging friends and thanx so much for checking in!!! i just may settle in with a guilt, a fur babe or two on my lap, a cup of tea and catch up with all of you!!   jody


  1. Jody ~
    You've mentioned living in Japan before but I don't remember if you told the circumstances. Was your hubby in the military? How sad he passed at such a young age. You seem to have tremendous strength and thankfully family nearby.
    Hugs :)

  2. I use my ginger grater as a spoon rest! :o) Your Fall quilts are so warm and cozy. I still love plaid homespuns but never use them any more. Although my family room is still plaid. :o)

  3. Good Evening Jody...what wonderful quilts...I love of my favorite things...You have the right idea...snuggle in with a quilt, furbaby and hot drink...nothing better in my books....Blessings Francine.

  4. Fall quilts...ahhh! They add so much color and warmth to your home! I would love a new quilt this winter but I don't know what colors I need....I love them all! Enjoy your weekend! It's sunny here but cool!

  5. I love all those quilts, I looked and thought I love that one best, no that one. I could not pick a favorite. The grand is a cutie pie! I'm with Sadie too!

  6. Hi Jody,
    I've been absent from blogland and trying to catch up on my favorites! My goodness I love those quilts! You are so blessed to have such talent and Auntie Mary too! Looks like you are having a wonderful fall whipping up delicious meals and enjoying time with the grands!
    Sadie is getting her beauty rest too I see!!
    Cathy G

  7. Very pretty fall quilts, love the colors! Looks like your grandson is having fun and Sadie sure is comfy!

  8. Such lovely fall quilts love how it makes your home so full of Autumn and looks so cozy!