Tuesday, October 2, 2012

yesterday i played...

today i need to stick to the schedule!


mom humored me and came for tea..... 

moms feeling better each day, after her fall she developed pneumonia then her back went out... sister janas husband the chiropractor is getting her back in shape tho...
enjoy your day!       jody


  1. Your mom deserves tea in a beautiful setting with her daughter. Glad she's on the mend despite the set backs.

  2. Oh my what a series of unfortunate events. She looks well though amount the beautiful flowers. Hope she gets better soon.

  3. Happy Play Day!
    God is good .Your mom looks wonderful.
    Everyone needs a play day espcecially with your mom.
    I love your gardens.
    Happy Fall


  4. Hi Jody, your play day looks wonderful and with Mom yet YEY!!!!!,so happy she is feeling better. Love all your little touches in the yard, so welcoming. Blessings Francine.

  5. Love your yard photos - I have a screen door very similar to yours - will have to try a display just like yours!

  6. I hope that your mom will soon be all better. She looks remarkably well for all the difficulties she's been through. How fortunate you are to still have your mom with you. Your backyard looks like a nice place to relax with a cup of tea and goof company.


  7. Sorry about the typo. I meant to type good company. The d and the f are so close together and I type with two fingers so I make many mistakes. JB

  8. Jody ~
    Love all your garden pics.
    Glad to hear mom is on the mend. She is beautiful ~
    what a great smile.
    Hugs :)