Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Young fun...and halloween

Well i think im ready for tomorrow night. i have the cobblers coming ( i wonder if they will come in costume?) i am making a white chicken chili recipe from trace at granny traces&squares blog.. sounds yummy! And i have a bowl of candy for the little ones who stop by cobblestone corner!
the weather up north here sounds like it will be a nice enough night.
lots of thoughts and prayers for our friends and blogging friends who are dealing with the storm and the aftermath of it...
My daughter angela and friend nichole went to a halloween dance saturday night and after working diligently on their costume they won 100.00 for best costume! And.. They had fun too!

Enjoy your day! Jody
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  1. Girls just want to have fun

  2. Fun costumes!!! Might have been difficult to dance in. :o)

    Happy Halloween. Enjoy your evening.

  3. Happy Halloween Jody....sweet costumes.....to funny.....Enjoy the evening.....Hugs Francine.