Thursday, November 29, 2012

the cobblers got together....

and we had lots of pizza, laughs and fun!.. here are a few pictures from our night at sister jana's!

here we are, amazed at how far are non quilting friend has come! we love it carol p!!

on the frame ready to be tied.

CUTE! and great stitching around EVERYTHING!

wonderful and soft! backing.

carol p has been working on some hexagons so carol f found this vintage apron and had to buy it for her.. love all the fabrics and stitching.

 we are trying to figure out just what auntie pat wants to do with her wall hanging using our christmas blocks we exchanged a few years ago... i still having finished my quilt ... but seeing everyones gives me inspiration at least... auntie wanted it reversible soo we lined everything up perfectly and got it done!

auntie pat and auntie mary... auntie pat is the queen of tieing quilts and she always keeps us laughing weather she knows it or not! 

love each and everyone of these blocks!

this is the block i made for the cobblers..
and now its time for this!!

enjoy your day and thanx so much for stopping by my blog!!


  1. wonderful quilts! love that apron!
    hugs to Aunt P.and all your friends!
    great that you are able to get together and have so much fun!

  2. such a group! we are so blessed! the fun the bonding and the talent can't be surpassed. sure did miss joyce.

    love to all my cobbler family! Gotta get busy on those Christmas gifts. perhaps i need to find my chenille pattern to make a star for Carol P. haha

    1. i could always share mine with her auntie mary!! i too love my cobbler family!

  3. I'm steeping my tea as well. I need a biscuit or two! You ladies are all so talented and that doggie is darling!!! The apron is a very sweet find too.

  4. Oh I love that Old MacDonald Had a Farm quilt. You are a talented group of ladies.
    It's nice seeing friends having fun working on projects together,


  5. What fun a get together is, all the quilts look wonderful.......mmmmmm biscotti and coffee, two of my favorites.....Blessings Francine.

  6. What a fun gathering! Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. What beautiful treasures Friend.
    Love them all.
    Especially the beautiful smiles.
    Woolie HUGS

  8. OHMIGOSH--I LOVE the farm quilt!!!

  9. Look at all of those happy faces! What talent you all have! Wish I could see them all up close! Beautiful!

  10. Jody ~
    Such a talented family! What fun that you get together so often.
    Happy Sunday to you.
    Hugs :)