Wednesday, November 7, 2012

thrift shop find...

yesterday i had to go to the base for a few things so stopped at the thrift shop on base that is only open every tuesday from 10-2. i spent 14. and found some treasures.
i found this little book holder cabnet that i think i will paint black or red and distress some. also the blue heart thing will be painted diff too. i picked up some books, thank you cards, stationary, christmas lights, stocking stuffers for the grand babes, cute little scissor ect. case and cute chrismas bag and tissue wrap. oh and i got this little chopstick holder. they had a few more of him and i should have just picked them up,  i have a chop stick collection in a jar...oh let me go take a picture of it.. there are some things missing so for 14.00 i had fun!!

chop stick holder collection...
i think cindy girl thinks its time for christmas....
sally and emma have been following me around from one room to the other so i think they wanted their picture taken... smile girls!
enjoy your day!                 jody


  1. Aren't our pets the best? I have chopstick holders too. Great idea to display them. You got great stuff for your $$

  2. Great find, Jody,
    Love that shelf!
    Hugs :)

  3. You and my daughter should get together! She loves garage sales as much as you do!! She would go for a thrift shop now and then too! LOL. Cute stuff!

  4. I would say you did very very well. Love it all.

  5. Jody, you did FABULOUS. Wonderful awesome finds and for $14.00, that is a steal!!!!


  6. Nothing like a good thrift store day!
    Wooohooo for you.
    Love your furry friends.
    Woolie Love

  7. Evening Jody....yey....great Thrift store it when can find some treasues.....Sweet furbabies......Blessings Francine.

  8. Great thrift finds!Adorable furbabies ,Cindy girl has the sweetest face.Hugs,Jen

  9. I don't think I've ever seen chopstick holders. Fun!

  10. I learn something new every day. I never saw chopstick holder so I went and googled Chop stick holder images and saw all kinds.

    I love going to thrift stores and bring some little treasures home.
    Have a great weekend and stay warm.