Monday, December 17, 2012

monday morning...

and the rush is on!..i have been looking for my Christmas journal, this kinda ugly journal with ducks on the front.( not that i don't like ducks ) that i have been keeping track of Christmas lists for like 15 or more years. i text-ed sister Jana on Saturday and told her i found it so can start Christmas shopping! i always order candy from our homemade candy shop here in town for marks family and a couple friends so i sent the list with dad to give George when he goes to get his newspaper. so i will pick that up tomorrow and hopefully get my mail stuff out too. its late but...better late than never right?
so any way her are a few random pictures to show you. and i hope your christmas preparations are going well. i am constantly telling my self its all about being together and remembering the reason for the season! especially with so much going on in our world and so hard to understand...

finished christmas cookies...

mom and dad made bridge mix!

these little guys were my grandmothers, i got them from mom years ago..

garland around kitchen window.

Sadie girl and her new sweater.

jeff called, where can i get a Christmas tree, i said if you go anywhere but a thrift shop i will be mad!
this is his 23. tree got it still in the box reg 98.00..

sister janas table set for her lunch bunch Christmas get together.

daughter angies tree..

enjoy your day!        jody


  1. Looks like you are ready! Have fun shopping! I am done shopping...just have to finish a small quilt...just the quilting and won't take long!

  2. Jodi, that tree is beautiful and only $23. Now that a good Christmas gift that will be around for a while to enjoy every Christmas.

    The cookies and the bridge mix looks appetizing.

    It looks like you are almost ready for Christmas, even the dog looks ready.
    Have a blessed and safe week.

  3. everything looks so great, have a great week, the cookies & mix make me hungry!

  4. Love the Christmas tree photo card. Lots of holiday spirit in your neck of the woods.

  5. Yey!!!!! You did good, tree is so pretty, love the cookies and mix, my Mom used to make that every Christmas........Merry Merry, Francine.

  6. Love the doggie sweater. It reminds me it's time for Millie's holiday photo :)