Tuesday, December 4, 2012

more shop finds...?

well yesterday my partner in crime and i went on our yearly thrifting day to Fargo, ND. some times we get there more, sometimes not. its an all day treasure hunt! we cant take anyone with or we would have to tie them to the top of the truck! we left at 8:30 am and pulled in to the drive way at 10:00pm and i bet i was in bed by 10:05! so i have been unloading my part of the finds this am. we did Cindy's last night! here are a few pictures.
the first thing i saw at the first thrift shop was this! its kinda been on my Christmas list for a couple years but i thought it was a bit much on sale at 199.00 sooo when i saw it for 34.99 i knew it was coming home with me! its a radio, cd, cassete player and the top opens and plays RECORDS!! i must have some around here somewhere...
Cindy found some clocks! for herself believe it or not! she has great restraint and mostly buys for the shoppe!

after the 1st thrift shoppe, my side of the truck..altho i had to put the other chair on her side... there also a white shabby chic table, stool and chair in the back of the truck...

we dont waist time stopping and eatting..its drive and eat to the next thrift shop..

after the next couple shops.. i was getting tired and forgot about anymore pictures, it was getting a chore to fit everything in..soon the back seat was piled to the top..and the wind picked up and the temp dropped..and we only had the back end left...

some of my buys! next post i will show the whicker ( cindy calls me the wicker queen..) it was a great buy tho.... and the quilt for 1.99 and the wool..oh and there is more but cant show cuz it will be gifts for someone...

i love tea pots... 3.00 a piece, and i love red anything...cute salt shaker- the spoon head guy and love the little honey pot. the vintage purse has a wonderful snap latch and little coin purse came in side.

i do collect vintage Christmas s/p shakers so was so excited to find these for 5.00..
the little candle in the stand says made in Germany and very pretty..not sure if the ornament is old.

enjoy your day!!!                 jody


  1. Jody what a fun sounding day!You sure do know how to find great goodies at really good prices.Hugs,Jen

  2. Wow, that's quite a good haul. I would think that you would have been pretty tired but happy when you got done finding treasures.
    I'm glad that you finally can scratch the top of your Christmas list off.


  3. Next thing I know you'll be towing a u-haul for your outings! You ladies are funny and find great stuff. Love the christmasy stuff espeically.

  4. Oh Jody, what a great time and such wonderful finds, you really did good, love all your vintage goodies.......sweet.......Blessings Francine.

  5. You are cute with your treasure finds! I bet your house is getting full by now! Your friend works at t thrift shop?