Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pretty winter days, and..

The cobblers are coming tonight so stop back tomorrow for show and tell!!

I have plenty of bread... Now for a soup!

Enjoy your day! Jody
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  1. I love looking through the Taste of Home books. I'm rarely disappointed in one of their recipes.

  2. I love those Taste of Home magazine and have lots on my shelf. They have some awesome recipes.
    That's quite a lot of snow.
    We are having a mixed bag of weather here in Ottawa today with freezing rain, snow and I'm glad that my daughter delivered her baby yesterday morning and that I arrived a day early, one day to get acquainted with James and one day of caring for James and today is storming. A one hour labor was cutting it close .

    I'd love to come over to have some hot soup and biscuits .


  3. Oh we have that gorgeous beautiful snow this morning...such a pretty picture.
    What kind of soup are you making?

  4. So do the cobblers put on their skis to make the trek over? Wishing you a warm and tasty eve.

  5. love your snow photos, hope to see what they cobble together, have a great one!

  6. It is snowing here today I am home and tucked in I think a meat loaf is in order today.
    have fun.

  7. Pretty pics! Enjoy your evening.Hugs,Jen

  8. Oh such pretty snow.
    Have a wonderful time with the cobblers.
    Im off on a girlfriend trip tomorrow.
    Woolie Hugs