Friday, February 8, 2013

winter garden....

as i was waiting for my coffee i was thinking since its a whole 10 above and like spring i should put on my winter clogs... bare foot of course. and take some garden pictures. enjoy!

this is my view of the river out my back is beautiful to me. my sisters family 
lives right across the river (in my dads, parents house) and dads chickens are there. mom and dad have told
us how they use to each be on a side of the dike and talk back and forth... 

enjoy your day!          jody


  1. i love snow pictures! i am trying to join them all before spring arrives!

  2. Such a pretty sight! Now cozy up inside were it's warm! ~Amy

  3. I love the pink flamingos in the snow! I like snow as long as someone else has it. Stay warm.

  4. Hi Jody, wow, that is so much snow....but looks so pretty piled up on your goodies outside.....Stay cozy, Francine.

  5. Jody!!
    Put some socks on!! LOL!
    Your pictures are fantastic! We'll look at them in July and August and wish for snow!
    I am getting cabin fever sooooo bad!!
    Hope you are well!!
    Cathy G

  6. Jody...yeah put some socks on!!!'s 65 here and I am freezing! Love you! Pamie

  7. we have a bit more than you right now and it is still snowing. Like Kathy of orange sink I don't have cabin fever as we try to get out more but enough snow for this winter come on spring.

  8. If Google results are correct the lovely snow you showcased is in Minnesota? Our tiny island (off the Pacific NW coast) weather report calls for sunny today and 44F! Our Corgi would love to play with Emma outside in the snow (his favourite pastime along with Frisbee catching)
    What wonderful kitties! Keep warm,

  9. Happy Birthday Jody! I hope you have a wonderful day! xoxo Pam