Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday this and that...

the moose is back..

  • By Times Staff
    Updated Jun. 18, 2013 @ 2:03 pm

    Crookston   —  
    The yearling moose that possesses a particular affinity for Crookston was back in town Monday after spending some time away. She spent much of the morning on the north end near Crookston National Bank.  she eventually
    ended up at Minakwa Golf Course Monday evening, while Men’s League matches were being played.

    I cant believe how much she gets around.. auntie told me
    last Friday she was up the street from me eating flowers at the garden store,
    maybe she will come to my yard... 
    Mom and Dads Irises, they were my grandfathers,
    he had them planted out the garden store and when my parents
    sold the store they brought these home..
    we were watching grandbabes play ball.. I snapped this of
    my nephew, my brother Jim and Dad..
    my brother has a boy same age as my grandbabe #1
    this sky was at the same ball game....
    thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and comments from my last post!
    nothing like the support of family, friends and blogging friends!
    enjoy your day!            Jody


    1. I love the Moose Chronicles! She needs a name. Your local paper needs to hold a contest to name her. :o)

    2. the sky photo is gorgeous! so are the irises.

    3. I think that your moose want a street named after her but she needs a name first. Has she been named yet. Maybe Moosaka, or Moosnika or Moosella. lol.

      The irises are just so beautiful. How fortunate that your parents brought the irises with them when they sold the store.

      A lovely picture of the men in your life. Have a nice week.

    4. Thi Jody, hope the moose stays safe, she is a beauty.....Lovely Irises, pretty color.....Great family pictures, Family rocks.....Blessings Francine.

    5. Great picture of the sky! That moose is really checking out the real estate!