Friday, August 2, 2013

A Cobbler Birthday!

The cobblestone Cobblers got together on Wednesday night out at sister Janas as we had quilts to tie! as always food, fun and show/tell! oh and we did get some tying done too!

Happy Birthday Carol P!

Sister Janas quilt she is making as a donation
was first on the list..

Janas 3rd son Nick and gal Taylor stopped in to show off a RING!
they will be getting married next August a week or 2 after my son Jeff and Tonya!

Working on a quilt of Auntie Marys..

 Sister Janas been busy making pillow cases!

I've been busy making bread...Tomato Basil Bread for everyone!

Mary has another quilt for us to tie! we desided she sews in her sleep!

Carol P and her Man had some good news to share!!!
They are moving back to town!! whoo hoo sister jana will have her
bestie in town!! no more 1 1/2 hour drive on cobble night!!

Chuck explaining the process for making the Diamond Willow Lamp
he made for sister Jana..will be perfect in the cabin!

Auntie Mary had made this for Carol Fs birthday and
just got it back from the quilter!

 Dont ya love the binding!?

Goodbye Cobblers til next month!!!

Blogger, Bloglovin and Feedly are giving me soo much trouble!!
im not messing with any of it TODAY!!

Enjoy your day!!                 Jody!!!


  1. Oh My--what a wonderful time!!! Nice to have a friend move "back home"!

  2. Oh gosh that's some amazing show and tell. Weddings, birthdays, best friends moving back to town. Celebrations all over the place. Perhaps a stiff drink will help you through the blog reader business!

    1. Sounds like a great idea! Its past 5 here!!

  3. Hi Jody, you always have the best family times, enjoy your pictures, Francine.

  4. Wonderful quilts and wonderful friends makes a nice celebration.

  5. so much fun and talent looks like a great time as always congrats to the newly engaged.

  6. What fun, Jody! That tomato basil bread sounds like something I'd like to try. Beautiful quilting, too!

  7. You Cobblers have such a fun time and are so productive! Wonderful quilts.
    Hugs :)