Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cobblers were here!

we had a nice time.. always lots to talk about and catch up over the last month.
Auntie Mary had brought wine/sweets from her trip to Iowa and a cute lil paper mache candy corn hanging on my spice jars.. after a couple glasses of this yummy wine and good food, i was done for by 9pm once again...sorry girls.

 Carol F had a cool new marking pen... i defiantly want one of these!

and she was busy stitchen away...

 Carol P was working on some paper piecing..

we had gotten her a welcome home gift!
Thanx Cobblers for a fun night!

ok some have asked for the recipe for the

Crescent Roll Taco Bake

enjoy your day!!                 jody


  1. i love the pumpkin stitching! looks like you girls had fun!

  2. Hi Jody...always a fun time with your cobblers!!! And wine to boot, yeahhh.
    I got curious about the marking pen so I looked it up. I will get one of these because those other marking pens just do not work on the wool felt.

    And thank you for the recipe!


  3. Oh another fun friend filled night, how special! I make that Taco Bake all the time it is so easy and so good! Have a great weekend!
    Be blessed,

  4. Yum....wish I was a cobbler with you! ((((Jody))))

  5. Thanks for the recipe, Jody! It sounds scrumptious! Also, it sounds like you had a good time last night!:-)

  6. You always have fun and the goodies look yummy.

  7. So much fun and lots of love.
    I am a wanna be cobber too. hehe
    The recipe looks so yum..
    I think the Grannys will love.
    Woolie Fall Blessings.

  8. Lots of good stuff! I'm always looking for good marking implements.. especially for wool. Most of the chalk pencils I've tried so far are either too hard (so they don't show very well or stretch the wool), or too wide. This Fons & Porter one looks like it might be "just right"! lol! Thanks!

  9. Jody, you are so blessed with Cobbler friends. I'm in awe of Carol F. 's stitching. Her stitches are perfect. Such nice thread.

    The wine always brings a special touch to those Cobblers gathering. I too wish I was Cobbler. I could use some socializing with fun friends. The recipe sounds so yummy.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I so appreciate it.