Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Sept 2nd..

And i woke to 48 degrees weather! whoo hoo love it! i hope fall is here and stays a long long time!
Grand babe #1 had a good Dr. visit.. healing and a new cast for a couple weeks.
Both Grand babes start School tomorrow! busy busy!
Son Jason/wife Jessie, met their friends from Chiropractic school whom they haven't seen since graduation (almost a year..) for a wonderful catch up visit in Iowa... now they will start moving in to their new House!
Sister Jana and Husband Steve got news that a tree fell on the boat house out the lake... uncle doodles (Doug) use to have it fixed up cool and slept in there in his younger days so its been there even while grandpa/grandma had it.... i know they want to try salvage and rebuild.. its a good thing they have boys cuz they all worked hard this weekend..

 At least they started the morning out right..

 view from the lake while they were on their bikes...

enjoy your evening...                jody


  1. so glad to hear your grandson is healing. so sorry about your family's boat house that looks like a total loss hope they rebuild it soon.
    we are still hot and humid with the cooler air on the way in the next two days.

  2. Wow! It has been a busy week-end for you and your family! Love that cooler air you mentioned! It would be good to have some of that around here.:-)
    Wishing the best as school starts!

  3. I'm glad that your grandson is doing well and looks happy with his new cast but very sorry about the boat house. I hope that there was insurance to cover the losses.

    We are having lots of rain again and it's very cool and humid so my husband lit the wood stove this evening.

    The kids will be happy to return to school. I hope that it's a fun semester for them.

  4. It's still hot and humid here...not as bad as yesterday though. That tree certainly did a crush job. Hope the building can be rebuilt.

  5. Nice and cool here--YAY! I have never seen those bike, getting around the lake, thingies--COOL!! Love that boat house, I'd try and rescue it too! YAY for the Grand Boy--what a cutie!