Thursday, September 12, 2013

Soap is Ready..

to be delivered! so happy to finely get this batch out the door! still need to get more out to Timeless Treasures tho. i decided i would like to make more now this fall and then concentrate on baskets after Christmas... hopefully that will work out. time will tell. i haven't made baskets to sell in years, and have so much in supplies! i have 2 friends whom stopped making baskets and gave me all their supplies. i must have 200 handles! i love the markets and williamsburg type baskets so will start with those.

Matt and Katie snuck into the yard the other day while i was gone with g-babe and soccer.. they had pictures taken of their now one year little doll face! she is soo sweet and so are her parents!

Gizzy hasn't been eating altho i did just get him to eat some tuna and liquid. i will try a bit later if this sits well with his tummy. he has been lounging here and there and im hoping now that the meds will kick in and he will perk up some. He weighs in at a whole 6lbs.. all 3 have always been little. but not a whole lot to go on.

just now he was helping me with paper work..thank you all so much
for all the well wishes for my little Gizzy, my fur-babes are all pretty special as
you all know, and feel the same way with yours!

enjoy your day my blogging friends!!          jody


  1. Hi Jody, your soaps are so beautiful.....sure hope Gizzy feels better soon, Blessings Francine.

  2. Can't wait to see your baskets! Be sure to post some pics please! Love the recent quilts you've shown. Glad G babe is all smiles with his green cast and so sorry for the little green cabin! Hope your lil Gizzy is doing better by now!

  3. You have been busy, Jody! I'm impressed that you also do baskets!

    Hoping that your "fur baby" will show great improvement!

  4. It is so hard when our fur babies are sick. wishing good health soon. you soap looks wonderful I have never tried to make a basket looking forward to seeing yours done.

  5. Get well hugs for Gizzy, precious baby!