Friday, September 6, 2013

the rearranging and loading never..

Ends! and its been in the 90s so ya know what i must look like! Jason/Jessie bought a house, a nice big older home with great nooks and crannys, a big yard and deer too! Jeff/Tonya are on their way down to help them. so they stopped here to leave Sadie Girl with me and pick up Marks big old desk for Jason to now use. sooo since Jason didnt want my big red couch for in his man cave ..... Jeff/Tonya moved it back in the den for me..i know i know! i just couldn't get use to the  vintage set... so will sell it! Jeff had to make some pretty funny moves in the kitchen hauling the couch thru.. wish i had gotten pictures. Thanx so much you guys and don't tell Angela! her back is still giving her problems from when we moved the vintage set in.
 i made muffins and cookies for them to take to Duluth and found a nice vintage card for Tonyas Birthday Wish..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONYA!

Jessica painting in their new/old house!

 Sadie likes the big red couch...shes wondering if its staying.

love this set that i hauled out to the shop today, as someone else loved it too and
took it home with them

i found this in my friend Tims basement and am having a tough time parting
with it.. id like to put it over my stove/oven on the wall...

enjoy your day!       jody


  1. Hi Jody, no, it never ends I am the cupboard, I would keep it I think, wonderful piece.....Blessings Francine.

  2. Oh, my! Lots going on with you! I like that cabinet, too. Surely there is a way you will be able to use it.