Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cutting Wool and Look Who....

Emma and I spotted walking down the way!

i can read moms mind....and she thought they would get by with

They were on their way to wish moms brother,
 Uncle Jack Happy 80th Birthday!!

i washed up wool that i have been piling this summer
so thought i would start cutting in-between the other things i have going...

picked this coat/scarf up the other day so will wash it up today... cool color!

our fall is going way to fast up north here..... it is now soup weather. 

enjoy your day!                  jody



  1. Yes, for all the pleasure October brings, it seems to be over much too quickly!

    Happy Birthday to your Uncle Jack!

  2. it must be nice to live close to your parents! lucky you with cool weather. we are in the 80's here. where is my fall?

  3. Yes you are very lucky to have your mom live near you. I really miss mine.

    Lovely wool. Oh I love those turquoise and brown, such pretty colors.
    I love October but it will slip away too fast too.

    Have a nice weekend coming up.

  4. How blessed you are friend.
    True love.
    Beautiful wool too.
    Double joy.
    Woolie hugs

  5. She should have known better....a blogger usually has their camera ready!! Nice to have shots of them, though! Love the wools particularly the turquoises! Joan