Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quilts and More Quilts...

i am going thru my quilts/blankets some are going to the shop, some are going on ebay...boy what a job! its a good thing i have help from the kittys....

this will be a great porch quilt... i think i'll keep it!
 enjoy your day!            jody

Monday, July 29, 2013

Perfecting a recipe..

as if i don't have other things to do... i have been trying to perfect my crusty bread tomato/basil. this am after meeting Cindy girlfriend for COFE' i went and picked up some different tom/basil combinations.. pesto, bruseheta ect.. and will add and see.. maybe a bit Parmesan chz too...appreciate any input from you bakers out there! ya know how it is when you have other things to do, ya kinda do other things to not do the things you should do? that's me today..
Cindy and i went to a city wide sale on sat and had a blast so will show you a couple pictures.. i have found a couple places for a couple of the treasures but trying to get most of it to the shop...
daughter Angela worked at the quilt shop on Saturday so grandbabe and i went out to sister Janas for a few hours.. it was a perfect day at the lake. im not sure why angie works at the quilt shop cuz she always comes home with a project altho i am truely grateful she has taken up the interest of quilting/sewing! and very proud of her too!

the wood bowls were mine.. but going to shop. the rest i want to keep! but will be good.....

see... looks great in by back stair case!

my friend Carolines sale...

aren't these wonderful!! they are "Francois Carre vintage metal sunburst chairs"
i am trying not to move them any farther into the yard as.. they i know would look perfect in the garden.

 busy at the lake...
Tote, Angies working on..

Grandbabe #2 and I went for Cofe'...

 enjoy your day!!!              Jody

Saturday, July 27, 2013

First on saturdays list..

Sitting in the garden ... Be back later!

A couple pictures from my spot!

Enjoy your day blogging friends!
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

enjoying cooler summer days...

 cooler days make for fun time outside! it almost feels like pre-fall..
its been in the 70s and perfect.. well 60s for me would probably be perfect but..
whos complaining! i've been in the garden a bit in the earlier ams and baseball later pms.... what have all you been up too?


 i started a facebook page for " timeless treasures "
have a link on my sidebar.. a few pictures today from my garden..

enjoy your day!         jody

Monday, July 22, 2013

Did you say...AUCTION?

Cindy girlfriend usually does the auctions..she called Saturday and said "you better come".. when she says that i know i better go!

 OMG! the cupboards, benches and all!

 we wanted this big white one but was going to high.. did get the big brown one next to it tho..

 such a beautiful cupboard.. went to expensive to try resell but geez if i da had room...

loved this one too...

we came home with these 2...

this one came home with us too...

moms neighbor has developed neuropathy and needed a bed so found him a nice twin.. in great shape and lots of linen too..  of course got it dirty loading it but cleaned up nice and the linen too.
our caravan home..with Cindy following behind with her car full...

heading out the shoppe to rearrange....
enjoy your day!            jody

Friday, July 19, 2013

a Couple Buys..

Friday already again... its a bit cooler today, i hope it stays this way but.. i did hear that it is suppose to be the hottest day yet in some areas.
here are a couple buys! i ran to a sale yesterday and found these beautiful bowls.. 10.00. the biggest is 12 inches diameter and they are nice and heavy! how many bowls does one person need?... these will probably go to the shop, unless i hurry and find a perfect place here for them...

this is my new/old buy! it was the aunties of George the candy shoppe man.
she ran the shoppe when i was growing up and lived above the shop. she never married, had children or pets. so this set is in wonderful condition. i was so excited to get this... once Angie and i got it into the den wow... i didn't realize how "country" i had the den. sooo have been trying to tweak some... need to get the curtains down and eventually find some drapes..or not. i love the heavy drapes with these high ceilings. the den and breakfast nook are paneled and i have never painted but maybe should!.... anyway i love this old furniture in my old house!!

  Sadie girl likes it too!
  looking at this pic.. i need to move the dishes over a bit...
any advice on painting paneling or.... a color in-put please feel free!

enjoy your day!               jody

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New " COFE' " Shop in town.

Yesterday mom, sister Jana and i went for coffee, SIL and nephew came too. we celebrated SIL Shellys Birthday! a friend and her daughter opened a coffee shop here in town. YUM! i already know what i want next time! they have a nice extended menu too with cool things listed. i had a wonderful blueberry scone but had it half eaten before thinking about taking a picture..

 a cupboard she bought from me looks perfect here in her shoppe!

 cucumber infused water  among 3 different waters on the island..

  one of cindys shelf's from the shop!

enjoy your day!        jody

* next post .. new/old buy! sorry im still tweaking..

* thank you all my friends and blogging friends for stopping by! i love having visitors here on my blog.. sorry i havent had much crafting to show.. i will get by  soon to visit all of you too!!