Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another Good Day to....

do this! as its well below zero again today. i will be productive today tho and the fur babes can cuddle in and stay warm.

 Cindy girl has been helping me mend a couple quilts..

Grand kitty Emmy

Tonyas sister found this dresser and made it into her sink! i  love this!!

i found these and ordered daughter Angie and i each one...
goes with our tattoo!

This is Daughter Angie! with her new cup.

i found these books at a 2nd hand shop last week, might be a good day to check them out!

enjoy your day my blogging friends and stay warm!      jody


  1. Those fur kids sure have life easy. Cute owl cups to go with your tattoo. Is that a real tattoo I wonder???

    The Vintage Vavoom book looks like a great find and so does the quilt book.

    We were lucky and the Blizzard totally missed us even though we were put on alert.

    Have a great day.

  2. Afternoon Jody. Oh it's so cold here too. -1 this morning and now mid afternoon it's only 7 Yikes!!! Deep freeze everywhere isn't it.
    Those mugs are just darling.
    I love how our little animals seem to not care what the weather is - they just snuggle up that way summer or winter and they always look so cozy.

  3. Love the mugs,they are so sweet. Gretchen(my pup) has the same idea as your furkids.She has been snuggled under blankets all day. It is cold here as well.Have a warm cozy day.Hugs,Jen

  4. Sweet furry friends! Neat owl mugs. Owls are such a big thing right now.

  5. Hi Jody, love the furry babes sleeping, they know how to handle a cold day......cute mugs and love the dresser sink, perfect, Blessings Francine.

  6. It truly is a day to stay indoors! Looks like you have some wonderful options there, Jody!

  7. too cold here to do anything but stay in!
    cute fur babies!
    let me know if that 12 thread book is any good, they have it on our new library list now! hugs!

  8. I'm just hibernating. Seems the right thing to do :-)

  9. I heart owls! Cute mugs. It's definitely a good day to sip tea, browse books, sew, crochet, or just have a snooze. Enjoy your day.