Friday, February 7, 2014

Quilts, of all sizes..

i have been going through and listing quilts again and thought id show you some..who doesn't love to look at quilts? so here is a little of my pile on the couch!

i always love the crazy quilt....worn and torn and still beautiful!

 fun vintage clowns...

 bunch of fun fabrics..

 remember when these were so popular?

Kitty quilts...

when we were stationed in Japan i visited the Philippians and the woman sat right there in
the shops quilting on a big frame...among the dirt streets and walkways. i had ordered 3 of the 9 patch type.. lots of beautiful quilting
and fun scalped edging...

 love vintage feather pillows of all sizes!

Enjoy your weekend my blogging friends!!                                   Jody


  1. Quilt heaven, love them all Jody, Blessings Francine.

  2. wonderful quilts a great collection.

  3. I have to admit--and I hate to--that I grew up with so many quilts that my great grandmother and grandmother made that I never thought of them as special. I dragged them outside to sit on to get a tan. Or took them to the beach to get all sandy and when they got worn, I threw them out. I know--I am a bad person!!! Thankfully, when my sister moved into the ancestor's house, she found 9 quilts that great grandma had made--all like new. She gave one to each of my daughter's, my grand daughter's and her son. In spite of my wastefullness--the heirlooms have been saved!!!

  4. Pretty ones! It always just amazes me the amount of work that goes into making a quilt!

  5. Happy Sales! I have some vintage pillow ticking fabric. :o) Crazy quilts are so fascinating. The handwork always amazes me.