Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cobblers! & 1..Baby picture

well maybe 2!

Little Elizabeth came home from the hospital Tuesday weighing 5lb 4oz,

Jess and Grandma Liz had to go shopping yesterday and found it hard to find

clothes small enough for her, she looks more comfortable in this as she was

swimming in the other sleeper she had on when i left, as fast as they grow she

probably wont be in it long...

Thrift shop finds along the way home..

i made it into town just in time for the Cobbler get-together!

Sister Jana was hosting! Pizza, Fruit and Goodies!

Auntie Pat got some birthday gifts for her upcoming Birthday on Saturday!

we got such a good laugh from Carol P!

she was making a miniture star quilt....

it was suppose to be a star like the big ones we make..

we desided we loved "Carol Ps version!" too!

i have a feeling there may be more made!

more of Carol Ps show & tell....

Auntie Marys "Hammock Quilts" shes making to sell at the lake flea market this year

along with the lake t-shirts!

pillow case to match!

Pillow for teeth going to the tooth fairy!

Carol F made a photo book for Marys Birthday with lots 

of great ideas that shes heard Mary comment on....

Auntie Mary had a book made on their month in California

Carol F has been working on her wool.... beautiful!

this first mat looks like cookies!

i must be hungry for cookies...

Sister Jana brought us thimbles from her trip to New York

sorry so long! lots to share!

enjoy your day my blog friends!



  1. I love seeing the Cobbler's projects but I love seeing sweet little Elizabeth much better. Perhaps a couple of preemie sizes to get her dressed? Allison was 4 lbs and 15 oz and although not a preemie those are the clothes we had to buy for her.

  2. What an amazing time you had with those cobblers!

    Little Elizabeth is absolutely precious! None of our three girls weighed six pounds when they were born. The oldest was 5 pounds 11 ounces, and the twins each weighed 5 pounds 3 ounces. She will grow into what is there.

  3. What a precious (and tiny!) little bundle of joy. Congrats!
    So many wonderful projects. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs :)

  4. Baby Elizabeth looks like she is smiling. Yes--she is very wee, but she will grow like a weed, once she gets started. I love the smaller quilts!!!

  5. She is so very beautiful!
    Loved seeing all the projects!

  6. What a beautiful Grandbaby! Congratulations! Looks like you had another fun gathering with your quilter buddies! Take care!

  7. Congratulations. Elizabeth is simply adorable. I see lots of Grandma hugs in her future.