Friday, March 21, 2014

Frost Yesterday....

horrible wind and ice today.
(yep, thats an open window up stairs...)

Emma and I went to visit Mom/Dad

Hurry up! i know grandma has a treat for me!

My Grandmother always made this and mom does too Yum!
rye bread, cheese whiz, green olives and nuts. great for breakfast too!

Last night i made this Rueban bake for supper and shared with mom/dad, angie and grandbabe..
i saw the recipe on face book for it. it was good and i would make it again.. I do like the sandwhiches
better tho!

Enjoy your day my blogging friends and have a nice weekend!                     jody

** oh! sister Jana/Steve are visiting New York for a few days! been getting fun pictures and will
share next post!!  i know they are having a great time!!


  1. okay...this is really interesting?! i have to try it. did you use pecans or are they walnuts? i've never tasted cheese whiz but i love rye bread and green olives. i guess i can just find cheese whiz in a regular grocery store?

    1. walnuts! its really good...i wonder if mom has anymore....

    2. yep, cheese whiz is in a regular grocery store... or i bet you could come up with something better... :)

  2. Oh gosh I remember squirting cheese whiz directly into my mouth as a kid. What a totally interesting combination of ingredients. Stay warm. I nearly needed sunblock today.

  3. We are supposed to warm up for tomorrow but then more snow on the way. Do you toast that sandwich or eat it cold? Not aure for breakfast though. LoL.. Warm Blessings! Amy

  4. Anything with Green Olives on it would be a good treat for me--anytime of day, LOL.

  5. That bread with green olives, cheese and walnuts sound really good but I would use real cheese as I try to stay away from processed food as much as possible.
    Cute picture of Emma at grandma's.

    Have a lovely weekend Jody.

  6. I like cheese whiz, grandma always put it on her celery!

  7. we are in for more snow today and then into the deep freeze again. I am not sure that spring is really coming.
    have fun with your sister.

  8. Cheese whiz is yummy but I can't handle olives.LOL! Love the pic of Emma at grandmas.She is so sweet.Hope that warmer weather happens soon.Be blessed,Jen