Monday, March 10, 2014

Some Homemade Gifts....

for Jessica's Baby Shower...
i worked on this last week, mom, jana and i got together Friday morning and tied it.

i had found some Dick and Jane books at the quilt shop ...
thought they'd be fun to go with the quilt.

Since we dont know if its a baby girl or baby boy.. Jessies mom made one of each!
so cute fun hats and the afgan too! she does a wonderful job on her projects and has
kept Matt and Katie's #1 in lots of cute hats!
Carol P asked her if she would make one for her grandbabe and she already made it!
here it is Carol P! soo cute!

my son Jason with Matt/Katies #1
she was ready for a nap after all the fun!

Auntie Mary made some wash cloths with that wonderful mink fabric inside
and always needed burp cloths! books are always perfect too!

 Jessie, Katie and Lindsey who is also due in July!
nice for these friends to have babies around the same age.. fun for all!

 Katie worked hard on the sweets!

here are my Grandbabes teaching Katies #1 how to eat apple sauce....

she was doing great with the spoon tho..
my house is over a 100 years old and so are the walls... 
Jeff/jason did some patching till we have time to do it all...

i even helped...and will be working on it a bit today before the clean up!

here the grandbabes are helping with the dishes!

enjoy your day my blogging friends!                      Jody


  1. so much fun! a baby shower is graced with new life and memories of special beginnings. family together is the best gift! loved the adorable gifts from talented grandmas, imagine the creative genes being passed on to the future.

  2. Well it looks like the new babes will have lots of "older" cousins and friends to teach them the ropes! :o) Darling quilt. Adorable afghans and owlie hats!

  3. Such a great day, gifts, yummy food, love the Owlie hat, Blessings Francine.

  4. I do remember Dick and Jane books! Adorable baby gifts. Those hats are the cutest! Hugs, Lori

  5. How lovely! I learned how to read with Dick and Jane...and Puff Puff and Spot and Baby Sally and Tim. LOL I love those hats--too cute for words!!!

  6. Yes, I'm old like Judy, and remember Dick and Jane. LOL

    Pretty hats!! A lot of creativity in your family. :)

  7. Beautiful.
    I just love love it.
    And what a great idea with the book.
    What sweet Grands you have.
    I will have to try a straw in my applesauce.
    Woolie HUGS

  8. Hey Jode,
    I LOVE! the quilt you made for Jessica and Jason's baby - just love it! I learned to read using Dick & Jane books, and am so fond of all those images, and their colors; and I love the quilt pattern, too! Way to go! You did a beautiful job making it. You're such a good and loving Momma, and Grandma.
    When is their baby due? Do they have certain colors picked for the baby's room? Plse. let me know.
    And I totally LOVE!!! those adorable little animal hats! They are the cutest thing! I want one, for me. :)
    I felt & smelled Spring yesterday - hallelujah!!! Right? Enough of this winter.
    Love you,