Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This and That...

Daughter Angela is working on a quilt for her girlfriends daughters 10th birthday, she took her to the quilt shop to pick out the fabrics... so nice and colorful!

Cobbler/Cousin Beth and Auntie Pat are each working on an easter wall hanging..this is Beths..

Sister Janas Son Eric is a school teacher, he took his babe to school one day with him..

Last night, hamburgers on the grill at Sister Janas/Steves (YUM!) and a birthday Celebration for both Nick and Taylor!

And Deer were spotted! Spring must be coming?

Enjoy your day my Blogging Friends!                      Jody


  1. Angela's quilt reminds me of jelly beans. It's colorful and fun.

  2. great quilt and hangings. We saw 3 deer the other day so I hope that means that they are bringing spring.

  3. Beautiful.
    And family time is truly the best.
    Spotting deer is a cool day too :)
    Woolie Hugs to you Friend