Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lets See....

I feel like i have nothing to post about, just been same ol here waiting for the snow to melt and spring clean up to begin.
almost there....

i did sell alot of my blue/white i brought back from Japan
 (did ask the kids if they wanted it...)
don't worry still have more for the kids to divide up someday,
i just don't have any sentimental value to some of this as i love love my
antique Japanese things and use them in my decorating, but these have 
been stored since moving to the states almost 20 yrs ago now, so anyway
glad they found a home where they will be enjoyed! the best part is
Daughter Angela is going to the cities for training and the gal will meet her there!
so no shipping other that the car ride involved sooo i dont have to worry about
breakage! that alone to me means it was ment to be!

 here are the latest grandbabe pictures!
Grandbabe #1 with Great-grandma...

Grandbabe #2 trying on clothes for Daddy and Tonyas Wedding this summer

Grandbabe #3 sleeping... 

Enjoy your day my Blogging Friends!             Jody


  1. Lovely blue and white dishes! I don't have much luck packing up my "overage" for anyone else just yet.

    Grandbabe #3 has the right idea!:-)

  2. Hi Jody, love those blue and white dishes, so pretty....sweet pictures of family, Francine.

  3. Nice dishes and pottery and like you I have no use for extras that I don't use anymore. Our lives is so fast pace now that pearing down is the way to go.

    Very precious grand babies, especially #3. I love little hands above the head.

  4. Look at the pure joy and your Mother and Grand Babe #1 faces!!! I love it. Notice how the littlest Grand Babe has her thumb inside her little hands. All babies sleep like that don't they? Middle Grand Babe looks good in his new duds!

  5. Sweet grandbabe pictures!
    Happy Easter.
    Hugs :)