Monday, July 14, 2014

Saturdays Showers..

Their was a shower Saturday am at sister janas for Taylor ( Nicks bride to be ) here she is opening moms pillow cases...

And one here at my house Saturday afternoon for jeffs Bride to be Tonya
Angie decorated the cupcake cake and even added flowers from my garden

Janas daughter in law ( sitting behind Tonya ) made the apron with matching pot holders.. We had fun with this one, auntie Mary said oh.. Will look so nice with just panties! And Tonya looked at her and said.. I have to wear panties?
I think Heidi has some aprons for sale in her etsy shop on my side bar.

Dad came home Friday which really caught me off guard i even questioned the Dr. But he said no reason to keep him. I guess i was more worried about mom trying to get him around and doing so much. But all is going well.. Sister Jana stayed the first night and the last 2 nights moms texted me during the night to let me know alls ok. We even sat out on the porch yesterday afternoon and got some fresh air! Here he is trying hard not to have his picture taken!

Even took my phone but Sister Jana snuck me hers!

And Please send thoughts and prayers today for Sister Janas lil grandbabe as she has an appointment at 8:30 this morning down in Minneapolis. Jana and Tiffs mom both went with them.

Enjoy your Monday my blog friends! Jody

Its 48 degrees here and sure feels like fall...geez

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  1. I love the look of surprise on Taylor's face in the first photo. I bet that was enough reward for your mom...

    I'm glad that your dad is home and being himself. Keep on having fun.

    I hope and pray that Jana's little grand baby is OK.

    Take care and keep on blogging about your good life.


  2. everything looks wonderful! send me that cool air!

  3. Yes, we could use some cool air here also in FL. :)

    I'm glad your dad's surgery went well. He reminds me of the way my dad used to be about the camera.

    Love the cupcake/cake - what a neat idea! I'm seeing more and more people using cupcakes lately than "cakes". There are even cupcake "stores". :)

    I pray the baby is okay.

  4. I love the look on her face when she opened up the pillowcases!!! Made Mom smile I'll bet. The baby looks healthy--hope there isn't a problem.

  5. Good to see your dad is recovering. I always love showers means new beginings. Warm Blessings! Amy