Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Neighbor!

I stopped by my neighbor friends house to drop of some lye as shes a soap maker too! i thought id give you a little tour of her gardens! a friend of hers made her this birthday necklace.

years ago when i was a young girl, before Lucile lived
 here i played in this lil play house...

She is so good about sharing her herbs with me!
just got a bunch of parsley and basil! Thank You!
Happy Birthday!!

enjoy your day my blog friends!

*** oh! tonight the cobblers are coming!! ***


  1. What a great garden, no weeds in sight. Happy 80th birthday Lucile.

  2. Happy Birthday to your neighbor! That is an awesome building to use for a playhouse! Enjoy the night with the cobblers!

  3. Beautiful gardens.
    Neighbor who share rock..hehe
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful neighbor.
    Have a great time with the cobblers.