Friday, August 22, 2014

I so feel guilty....

i went to this sale to pick up a patio set for daughter Angie as the wind caught hers and it fell over and shattered. anyway while i was there i spotted these bowls, it was make an offer which i HATE! at least if there's a price you can negotiate if you don't like it!

 so i said 5.00? and she said sure! geez like i said i feel guilty...

Cindy and i went to some sales yesterday and i wanted to share these
with you. i bought them from a lil lady who had punched them herself many
years ago. well worth the 2.00 each she was asking, we had a nice visit and she
seemed happy that i would enjoy them!

a couple really good pictures of mom and dad ...

Enjoy your day my blog friends!                          jody


  1. the bowls are fabulous but then so are your parents!

  2. Wonderful pictures of your parents!

    Great deal on those bowls! Enjoy them!

  3. Your parents are adorable. LOVE the bowl sets!!! Fab finds.

  4. Great photo of your parents. Don't feel guilty...enjoy the bowls.

  5. your mom and dad make love real!!!

    you totally stole those bowls!

  6. Love the photos from this and your last post also. Nice wedding and your Mom and Dad--adorable, as are most people their and my age, LOL

  7. Great photos of your mom and dad.
    Wow, $5.00 for the bowls. You really got lucky that day.
    No need to feel guilty.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Wow, great price on the bowls and what a good picture of your parents!