Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Cobblers Got Together!

We met last night at sister Janas instead of last week as Cobbler Beth was in town for Easter.. lots of fun, food and catching up as its been months since we have all been together!
 Sister Jana made short cake for the Birthday girls...
I made a 7 layer salad to go with the pizza...
 Janas daughter in law had made a lemon pie ( with Califlower ) for Easter
and we got the left overs. i thought it was really good.
 a bit of catching up before the work!
we love having Beth home!

Sister Janas quilt she made for her grandaughter was first on the frame!

 Auntie Marys busy hands..
Carol Ps junk food - star quilt for her niece was next!

 why roll the quilt to get that middle stitch when we have sister Jana!
3rd on the frame was a quilt Mary made for someone out of their clothes..

then time for dessert and presents! these are the birthday girls!
 Auntie Pats was last week and Carols was last night! Happy Birthday!!
sister Jana brought us each back a pin from a quilt shop she went to while in Arizona a couple weeks ago.. of course she found a quilt shop!

mary was in California for a couple months and Joyce went out to visit her..
they brought us each back a 3D book marker.
Carol gave Joyce her christmas gift ...
i wanted to show you the pin cushion sister Janas Daughter in Law Heidi made me and had left it at Janas for me. thank you so much Heidi! I LOVE IT and good luck this weekend at your craft show!!
Auntie Mary had a new hair cut! she donated her long lovely locks again...
I left then around 9pm so not sure if they had more quilts to work on or not..
hopefully some pictures will surface!

enjoy your day my Blog Friends!                    Jody


  1. How wonderful! Great food and Great company! Happy Spring! Maggie

  2. Your posts always make me hungry friend! Looks like you've had another good time at your gathering~

  3. Wonderful teamwork and new treasured memories.
    Yummy food too.
    You are blessed friend.
    Woolie Spring Blessings

  4. Such a lovely group of wonderful ladies.
    I bet it felt so good to be back together again.

  5. Fun time!
    Interesting pie made with cauliflower???
    Glad you all had a wonderful time and such fun gifts too.