Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cobbler Get-Together!

we met out at sister Janas as we had quilts to tie...
Janas husband Steve started us out with the wine Auntie Mary brought from her trip to Iowa!
and the menu was pizza, i brought the spinach/strawberry salad and Carol P brought
cheese and crackers from her trip to Wisconsin..

show and tell was....
Carol P made a baby quilt for her grandbabe...
she had bought some hand dyed fabric and the pattern from Liberty Homestead..

 Carol P also brought us each back a little something from her trip..
the lil key chain also is a flash light!

sister Jana made a table runner and pincushion for a friend.

 she also made a quilt called the Man Cave for her favorite man!

 sister Janas house is always so busy and here she got to show off her #2 grandbabe!

we tied a quilt for Carol Ps grandson who likes music..

and a quilt for her grand daughter who likes junk food!

sister Jana is such a good sport to get that middle stitch!

and sister Jana had more visitors!
grandbabe #3 and she was spending the night!

Auntie Pat had a couple quilts to tie she made from her kids clothing...

as was a great Cobbler get together!

enjoy your days my blog friends!                      jody


  1. what a fun way to get things done...hugs

  2. I always love seeing your projects, and the food!
    Sounds like a blast!
    Happy 4th, Jody!

  3. You're such a productive bunch of cobblers. The quilts are wonderfu and The food looks yummy as usual.

    I made a crazy patch quilt once with left over fabrics from my kids clothing when I used to sew all their clothes. It was one of their favorite quilt.
    Happy Forth of July.

  4. Absolutely love the quilts! I especially love the runner.

  5. You cobblers always have so much fun.
    Happy fourth of July.
    Hugs :)