Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Happy 79th Birthday Dad!

 So last Friday the 27th was Dads 79th Birthday and he spent in Fargo, Nd at Drs. Appointments..

while sitting in the waiting room we had some show & tell..
this lady said she was having great luck selling her dish cloths at craft sales and i believe she could sell just about anything! mom embroiders also so enjoyed chatting a bit with her.

mom and i kept busy with her kindle and my needle punch..

by late afternoon Dad was on his last appointment!

not the best way to spend his Birthday altho he was so happy to be there and finely getting some answers!
the Dr and his Nurse came in with a PLAN!! they said this surgery was developed for people like dad, who couldn't tolerate the open heart surgery due to lungs and kidney function.
they are doing a Transcatheter aortic valve replacement. Dad should be able to come home after a couple days!

after a not as long as in the morning drive home it was time for birthday cake!  
Here is my Brother Jim and his 2 boys with Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad! Love You!

enjoy your day my blog friends!                   Jody


  1. Good news for your Dad. Hope all goes well.

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad and I hope all turns out wonderful for him and his family

  3. Happy birthday to your dad!
    Wishing him the best and a speedy recovery.
    Hugs :)

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