Sunday, April 15, 2018

Birthday Surprise!

it was Auntie Pats 80th Birthday so the Cobblers surprised her! and Yep we got her good!! we surprized her with Pizza, salad, munchies, presents and Auntie Mary made her a "Smore" cake cuz Pat likes to make smores at the lake!
Joyce gave her a yard ornament! a grasshoper to go with her frogs!
 Auntie Mary gave her a quilt top that we are going to tie at our next get-together!

 so fun to have a Birthday Party!
and of course a bit of wine!
then there was the cake!

it was a fun surprise! 
Happy 80th Birthday Auntie Pat
we love you!!

enjoy your day my blog friends!       jody


  1. I am always so happy to see and read about your gatherings.

  2. Happy Birthday Auntie Pat. That looks like a great surprise birthday party. Of course wine and cake makes a great party even greater.
    Take care, Hugs, Julia