Sunday, February 3, 2019

Cobbler Auntie Pat...

Last week i was checking in on Auntie Pat as she felt like she had the flu the day before. she sounded drunk, so after a few questions i told her i was snow-blowing a path and taking her to er.

she had a small stroke! shoot! it was a cerebral infarct.
she was started on some new meds and didn't need surgery.
shes in rehab now and working really hard. it sure could have 
been alot worse! but... sure not fun!
love you Auntie Pat! keep working hard and you will be home soon!
hopefully in time for our next cobbler get-together!

enjoy your winter days my blog friends!   jody

*we are in for a winter blizzard today with up to 10 more inches of snow!
where are we going to put it!?


  1. prayers to your aunt Pat,I hope she is up and about in no time.

  2. Prayers and hugs for Auntie Pat ❤️

  3. So sorry for your Auntie Pat set back. I'm glad you were checking in on her and that you were there to bring her to the hospital. I'm wishing Auntie Pat a quick recovery. Prayers for courage and healing.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Take courage, 44 days to spring.