Wednesday, November 13, 2019

a lefse making afternoon..

which means a good photo opp!

roll it a bit then flip over and roll some more!
til its nice and thin! 

now dads in charge! 
and made plenty of faces while at it! 

this will make a perfect 
Christmas Card!

while dads putting one away, 
mom is bringing another.. 

towel, wax paper and lefse
til cooling then the wax paper comes out
and the towel/lefse goes in the porch!

now its....

a piece for the photographer!

and the watchful grandpup! 

now Clean Up.. 

love this.. look who shes looking at! 

it was a fun afternoon! 
thank you mom and dad!
its nice to have these pictures and videos 
for our kids to master lefse making like you two!

enjoy your day my blog friends!    jody


  1. LOL! I had to look up what a lefse was :)
    So many sweet pictures ~ including the one of you!

  2. Oh, those look so delicious. I also looked up what was lefse in a youtube video. The possibilities are endless for fillings. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. What a great team in the kitchen. I also enjoy seeing you in the pictures.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. thank you Lauren and Julia! im sorry i should have explained what lefse is.. i grew up with it so figured everyone else did too! it was fun while we were in Japan and shared a bit of Norwegian with our different nationality friends! we make it around Thanksgiving/Christmas every year. keep some in the freezer but sure look forward to it every year! we eat it mainly with butter and/or brown/white sugar and eat it with a meal. i like it with turkey/ham and stuffing in it too! yum yum! im not one for being in pictures..but trying, enjoy your day! 13 degrees above today, and it was a short brisk walk...

  4. Hi Jody
    What a fun post.....I had lefse when I was very young...not sure if I'd like it now, not even sure if I liked it then lol. Maybe one day I'll try it again but no one around here makes it.
    I have to say when i was looking at all the pictures I noticed they were like taken quite close in, I clicked on the first picture and the bar of pictures came up, then I CLICKED REALLY REALLY FAST on them and it looked like a movie! lol
    Try it!!!
    Thanks for a great post.