Monday, January 13, 2020

Cobbler Christmas!

Happy 2020! Geez did the Holidays come and go!
I ended up sick with a cold/sinus
and just now getting over it.
Grandpup Oliver was here to keep
me company on the couch...

The Cobblers had their Christmas Party 
and sister Jana hosted it for me,
Thank you sister Jana!
i wasn't able to make it but
 they sure kept me involved! it was like i was there!!
Thank you Cobblers!! 

sister Jana was missing me...
helping her with dishes!

auntie mary.. maybe shes
helping with dishes!

First a Cobbler Birthday Celebration!
Happy Birthday Sister! 

then a Cobbler Christmas Celebration! 
sister Jana made us Sewing Machine skirts!
and gave us totes!

Carol dropped this off for me and Dennis!
on her way to Janas! 

perfect! hanging on my ol cupboard! 

Auntie Pat crocheted us bowls! 
and gave us socks! 

Auntie Mary made gave us a needle threader
and made us trivets and bracelets! 

i gave the cobblers a lil scissors 
and made them magnetic necklaces. 

Carol P made us cute lil wall hangings! 

Joyce made us her famous peanut brittle
and gave us each a bird house! 

my stash! Thank you Cobblers!!! 

Dennis's gift from Carol!
he loves Flame Frankoma so was a happy man!
Thank you Carol!

we have been sharing Joyce's peanut brittle, YUM!

Thank You Cobblers!
as always great food, friends and fun!
enjoy your winter days my blog friends!    jody


  1. The Cobblers sure are a fun bunch. I love sister Jana's smile...and yours with your Dennis. I am happy you have someone to share good times with :)

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