Monday, November 20, 2017

a lefse making day!

this is a picture from years ago in Japan of Mark, angela and jason making lefse, mom/dad had sent us a lefse grill and all to start our own lefse making tradition and now we are starting another generation!

while mom and dad were home making lefse, (mom sent a picture of her helper!)
i was making lefse with the kids..

Daughter Angie, Grandbabes Jd & Brody were missing from our annual lefse making..we missed you guys!

Jeff was in charge of making lefse balls, Jason the roller and me the flipper.
the girls were there to help too but also kept busy with the babies!

 starting them young!

 we had a great time and now to enjoy the lefse!!

enjoy your days my blog friends!            jody

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Text from Mom & Dad..

 dads looking at me like "who called her and shes got that camera again!"
Mom does the rolling.. and they have to be thin!

 dad does the decorating and they each need a cinnamon candy!


enjoy your days my blog friends!      jody

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Photo Opportunity!

stopped by mom and dads earlier to find them busy busy busy! making krumkake!

Krumkake (Norwegian: [ˈkrʉmˌkɑːkə], meaning bent cake, plural krumkaker) is a Norwegian waffle cookie[1] made of flourbuttereggssugar, and cream.

they work well together and both have their own duties!:)
up until a couple years ago they would stand by the stove
and bake Krumkake using a vintage stove top model.
this electric one is nice as they can be more comfortable.
** i hope they have my name on the vintage one...:)

 sister Jana called, they just kept baking and i kept snapping pictures!

Dads been feeling pretty good and the Dialysis tx. are going well.
Enjoy your day my Blog Friends! jody

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

the guys went hunting so...

the cobblers went cobbling! carol p had us over last Saturday! as always we had fun catching up, show & tell and lots of food!
 made by cobbler carol of course..

 gifts for the hostess with the mostess

 time to get busy relaxing!..

 Auntie Pat was working on some dish towels..
 Auntie Mary was busy finishing up a punch project
that she is putting on a little stool..

 love it!
carol was of course working on her beautiful wool projects!
one in greens and one in browns...

 carol p was also working on some towels..
she had some finished to show us too!

sister jana was working on a wool project..
had lots of help discussing colors,
which is always the hardest part!

and i finely got a start on my hooking project..
that my son/wife gave me for my birthday last February!

i think every time i go to carols i take a picture of this chair!
carol loves color! especially orange!
sister jana made her the tuffet for her b-day.

thank you carol for having us over!! it was a perfect few hours!!

enjoy your days my blog friends!       jody