Friday, September 19, 2014

Fridays This and That..

another trip to the vet, this time with kitty Frisco. she need a hair cut and a cyst she has had for years removed. it started out the size of a pea and was about the size of a avocado pit.. shes doing good and i can take the staples out in 10 days. now i need to get Cindy girl in for a hair cut..
i stopped by my sisters grave to bring some fall flowers on my way. shes buried out by a beautiful county church..

Friscos incision...

 Emma girl still isnt feeling well, barley getting her to eat anything.
she sees the vet again on monday.. she did come with me to visit mom/dad yesterday.

I went out for Chinese with auntie Pat and my cousins wife.. we had a nice yummy visit!

a visit on the porch. the coloring of pictures isnt very good..

while at moms, my brother called and had been cleaning in dads chicken yard so stopped
by so i could dig and see if i could find some treasures! Thank you brother Jim!!

 Cindy and I went to some sales yesterday, started out cold and dreary and ended up being a
beautiful day. today is cool and dreary so will see if it clears up like yesterday.

enjoy your day my blogging friends!!      Jody

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Great Picture...

Yesterday cobbler auntie Pat called for me to run over and take a picture.
This was a great photo opp for me! this is from oldest to youngest...
Uncle Jack (moms brother) & cobbler Auntie Pat, Uncle Jim & Auntie Norma (moms sister)
Mom & Dad, Uncle Doodles (moms brother Douglas) & cobbler Auntie Mary. they had gotten
together for pizza & ice cream! what a fun wonderful picture!

daughter Angela went to Arizona for a few days to visit with her Aunties ( Marks sisters )
i hope she comes back!


i made up a batch of cracker bread..

i went to a few sales in town without Cindy girlfriend not 1/2 as much fun
but found a few treasures, even some lye for my soap making.

Koa was feeling neglected when i was doing a lil hooking,
i had to move a chair next to me so he could sit there with me....
Emma is hanging in there. not eating much yet and
has me up every so often during the night to go outside..

 Enjoy your day my blog friends!                Jody

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Trip to the Vet...

I could tell Emma Girl just wasnt feeling well so figured her blood sugar must be up...

trying to find some blood..

well her blood sugar was 535! way to high.. so increase insulin
and check in a week or so... poor thing she just wanted to go home
she hasn't been eating and just not feeling herself so hopefully
she will come out of this feeling better soon..

well i turned my heat on and made soup...

Koa laid in front of the lil fire place heater...

Enjoy your day my blog friends!                     jody

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall is in the Air...

I even have turned the lil fireplace on to get the chill out of the room..

a friend in Canada got snow!
she said no electricity and lots of broken trees and damage...

pumpkins are for sale..

lots of pumpkin goodies ....

i even got my fall rug hooking project out to work on!

this would be fun to go to! its here in MN....

***Mom and Dad are doing good, Dads recovery has gone so well and we are all so thankful!
i haven't been over to visit for at least 2 weeks as i have had a chest cold and i refuse to even chance passing it on to them!

Enjoy your day my blog friends!             jody

Monday, September 8, 2014


i love fruit in a wood bowl..

 Cindy and i went to a sale and we saw lots of Frankoma.

i picked up a few smalls, a wool scarf and a rotary cutter..

also these 4 plastic crates will be perfect for drying soap as my soap
rack is full of wool... go figure.  i paid 1.00 each and wished they'd had more

Frisco.. her and Cindygirl turned 17 June 1st.

enjoy your day my blog friends!                 Jody

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bit of This and That..

Carol P saved me some bubble wrap while helping at the school!

thank you Carol!!

Mom gave me some green peppers so i made stuffed peppers!
topped them with fresh basil from neighbor Lucile's garden.

 Flat tire for me, gotta get the big girl pants on and see what i can do...
Cindy girlfriend borrowed me her air thingy...
I ended up with 4 new tires geez!

Cindy girlfriend and daughter Jodi brought maudy the turtle out for
a bit... i think she wanted woofies tail! look at that mouth!
Cindys Man Dennis fixed something on my truck so i visited the pets....
the turtles are all rescues..

if i remember correctly Abby is 28 yrs old...

Grandbabe #1 on his first day of 3rd grade!

Grandbabe #2 had his first day of 1st grade! whoo hoo!

a first for this lil girl and i think she likes it!!

Enjoy your weekend!       jody