Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Finds...

Cindy Girlfriend and I ventured out early early to a city wide sale which is always fun!


 unloading at Timeless Treasures!

 love painted chairs...

 love this and paid 1.00!

i found this cupboard for 28.00 and really didnt have room for it anywhere but..
didn't want to part with it soooo i put it up on a a kitchen cabinet...

so then had to find a place for the Japanese pie safe.. out on the porch is
good for now.. the friends sign came from Cobbler Carol F!
i found this white cupboard soon after moving here and went on a
road trip with auntie Mary and Cobbler Carol. i told them i wasnt leaving
with out it... 35.00! it was interesting fitting it into Marys jeep.

Enjoy your day my blog friends! i have will be by to visit soon!                   jody

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Storm with a Tornado

We had a terrible storm with lots of rain and winds up to 120 miles an hour. also determined a small tornado EF2. we were lucky with not much damage here in my addition... others not so lucky.
we were without electricity for most the night others much longer...

Yesterday Dad had an appt with his kidney Dr. .... I missed it! yep was 10 minutes or so late!
so i went to breakfast with them then did some thrift shopping...

last night this guy spent a little time with me as his mum had election meetings...

Emma Girl is doing real well these days.. her blood sugar is finely down were it should be. with
diabetic food and insulin! she even comes and doesn't growl or anything when she gets her shots. she knows she will get a treat! what a good girl!

Enjoy your day my blog friends!                   jody

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hot and Humid Weekend...

The kids and their babes were all out at different lakes and had a nice time. I stayed home and caught up both inside and out. i don't mind the hot humid weather as long as i have air to go into... the grass, gardens and flowers are flourishing in the heat.
this is a picture of something a friend of mine just did, perfect place to relax on a summer day!

at the lake!

i was looking thru a few blogs while cooling off....
Koa wake up and look at Abby at Stephanie's Blog Rummage!

wake up and look at the fur babes at Our Forest Haven
he missed it all....i guess i worked him to hard.

I saw this on face book and thought it was too cute!

reminded me of this......

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and comments for Dad and Baby!
Both are doing recovering well!! sister Jana has her G-babe for 3 days as her
mum is going back to work today so hopefully i will get out there for some smooches!

Enjoy your day!!                           jody

Friday, July 18, 2014


Cindy Girlfriend and i were heading out of town for a sale, but stopped at a carnival with our grandbabes 1st! the kids are in a daily "club kid" summer program and this is one of the activities.
My silly grandbabe was STILL wearing this mask last night!

Cindys grandbabe!
 and tattoos for Cindy

Then we headed to the sale!

i wanted to show you a couple finds..

i think this may be one of a kind!
made with a WISH BONE!?

then i finished the day with an Italian soda! Yum!
i served these at the bridal shower last weekend
fun to have on hand with kids around too!

Enjoy your day my blog friends!               Jody

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baby and a Fair...

Sister Jana got home late yesterday afternoon, her grandbabe #2 did well with surgery and should be able to come home today! she has a funny little thing on her head to hold the dressing on her incision.
what a little sweetie!

there was a county fair this past weekend that the grandbabes had fun at!
and then i got the ride home photos!

Dad is doing a bit better each day, altho he doesnt think the recovery is
going fast enough. he goes in today for blood work and to see the Dr. 

Thank you for all your thoughts. prayers and wonderful comments!
My Blog Friends are GREAT!

Enjoy your day!                      jody

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Heavenly Anniversarys and a Surgery

For sister Janas #2 grandbabe ...and she has 2 special Angels watchen over her today!
after lots of tests ect. the Drs. feel she has a abscessed lymph node (on her neck near her ear)
and they are doing surgery this am. The surgery should take care of it!

All smiles for mommy after getting poked in the foot for some blood testing before surgery
Love you baby girl!

 Today is my Man up in Heavens 54th Birthday, Happy Birthday Markie...

And sister Joans 3rd year in Heaven also..

enjoy your day my blog friends...