Friday, January 29, 2016

January Cobbler Get-Together!

Cobbler Carol arrived on scene first!
 as always great food!

we celebrated sister Jana's January Birthday!
Carol P made a yummy bar desert 
that i need to get the recipe together for... 
Carmel, Marshmallows, Frito's Oh My!!
i made "better than sex" cake! YUM!
 Auntie Pat made her a Knitted dish rag and Embroidered dish Towel!

then we had some show and tell!
Carol P made these quilts for her Nephews using her late brothers T-shirts..

sister Jana was making a baby doll quilt for those granddaughters to use with
the dolls and strollers...
 i finely finished something! sister Jana and i both bought a kit for this like 8 years ago...
she finished hers last her or more!
 this is sister Janas!
 Carol is always working on something wonderful with wool!

and she wanted some wool noodles so my lil cutter got some use!!
to funny it took 3 to do it!!

and of course we love to look thru patterns, magazines and chat!!

 sister Jana is working on another wall hanging. she made Carol P one for Christmas!
hopefully Carol will bring it next month!
so once again it was great to get together and catch up!
we missed Auntie Mary and Joyce as they are basking in the sun of California
and of course Beth is our long distant cobbler in California! so it was just the 5
of us and all that food!!

enjoy your last couple days of January!                  Jody

Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Friend Mary..

whom i met many years ago while stationed in Rapid City, SD. We were both doing a craft show, she is a little bitty gal with so much energy and we have been friends ever since. she left for Okinawa and my husband/I moved to MN retiring from the Air Force.
Mary and her Man Laddie have been overseas... close to 20 years i bet. i have always loved Okinawa and considered it the best of all my travels...  they are now about to embark on a new adventure and moving to New Mexico! altho it may or not take a while due to paperwork etc.. i wish them the best and am happy that they will be state side!!
i also got another box in the mail from Okinawa! and thought id share with you! love love as always! thank you Mary!!

 enlarge the tea pot and notice the great detail! love the monkey and frogs on the lid!!

we are getting snow today with more below 0 temps coming, Auntie Mary and Uncle "Doodles" are enjoying the sun in California!
Enjoy you two!!

enjoy your January Days my blog friends!!                           jody

Monday, January 4, 2016

A New Year Means...

New Starts...
my son Jason and wife Jessica moved home ( 40 miles from me ) a couple weeks ago from Duluth, Mn (a 4 hour drive), to buy a house and open their own Chiropractic Clinic! so nice to have them close by the rest of us!! we stopped in to bring flowers and wish them so much luck on their first day!! Geez what a world wind it has been for them! Grandbaby #3 has been lots of help! and started her first day of a new day care, best of all she will see her cousin there! Grandbabe #2!

and Sister Jana had a Birthday on the 2nd! Happy Birthday sister!
the Grandbabes loved their heirloom quilts using papa Marks Jeans/military fatiques.
and this is a quilt the cobblers tied that i didn't show cuz it was a Christmas gift!
my friend loved it!

enjoy your new year my blog friends!              jody

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cobbler Christmas 2015!

was great as always! lots of food, fun and gifts!!
 Sister Jana made Wild Rice Soup! and wonderful Garlic Bread!
lots more was brought too!

we tied quilts Cobbler Beth brought from California..

then it was Gift time!!
I made Auntie Mary a special quilt,
shes made so many for us...i think she liked it!

sister Jana made these for all...

Carol P made these for all of us..
Mary made these for all..

Carol made these..

Pat made these..

Beth gave us these..

and they had just got back from a cruise so brought us a thimble from Mexico..
Joyce made us her famous...
i had seen these and thought they would like it so made a some similar...

then it was some birthday gifts...
Beth is never here for hers...
And sister Jana's is coming up..
Mary made some quilting blocks for her and Beth to hold their work in progress...
Auntie Pat with Daughters Beth and Karen. and grandbabes!
 Jana's house was decorated to the Best!
 Carol gave me a gift for being the hostist with the mostist!
 i should share with sister Jana and Carol P!

as always our Cobbler Christmas was the Best! I am so Thankful for my Cobblers!
Now for a New Year with the Cobble-Stone Corner Cobblers!!..
Enjoy your Holidays my Blog Friends!!               jody