Friday, July 31, 2015

The Cobblers!

we met at Carol Ps house this month! thank you Carol P we had great fun! food! and catch up time!
Carol made chicken salad croissants, veggie tray, munchies and more! i brought a buffalo chicken dip that was a hit! and Carol F is always bringing something good and fattening for dessert this month it was a no bake bar with chocolate in the middle!

oh did i mention, Carol P loves COLOR!?

Auntie Mary showed off her new haircut!

and what shes been working on....

 Mary made this wall hanging for my latest grandbabe.. so cute!

Cousin Beth the California cobbler sent these cute burp cloths... thank you Beth!
we missed you!!

Carol F showed off a banner she made and her latest wool table runner... have i mentioned,
Carol is the queen of beautiful wool projects!!?

someone brought the latest Prim Quilt magazine 
as always great projects!

Carols pup Belle kept us company...

and of course many flowers to look at and the end of the evening!
Thank you Carol P!!

enjoy your summer days my blog friends!                             jody

Monday, July 13, 2015

Awesome Clouds...

My friend Mary sent me ANOTHER box and mama mouse was in it! it could be a
mama rat i guess but i have always thought mice were kinda cute so ...
Mary has always made some really cool things. thank you Mary! I love her!!

its hot out today so i am working on some soap. this one is Lime/Coconut..

a storm went around us last night.. we got the thunder, awesome clouds and a bit of rain.

enjoy your summer days my blog friends!                      jody

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cobbler Get-Together!

we met out at sister Janas as we had quilts to tie...
Janas husband Steve started us out with the wine Auntie Mary brought from her trip to Iowa!
and the menu was pizza, i brought the spinach/strawberry salad and Carol P brought
cheese and crackers from her trip to Wisconsin..

show and tell was....
Carol P made a baby quilt for her grandbabe...
she had bought some hand dyed fabric and the pattern from Liberty Homestead..

 Carol P also brought us each back a little something from her trip..
the lil key chain also is a flash light!

sister Jana made a table runner and pincushion for a friend.

 she also made a quilt called the Man Cave for her favorite man!

 sister Janas house is always so busy and here she got to show off her #2 grandbabe!

we tied a quilt for Carol Ps grandson who likes music..

and a quilt for her grand daughter who likes junk food!

sister Jana is such a good sport to get that middle stitch!

and sister Jana had more visitors!
grandbabe #3 and she was spending the night!

Auntie Pat had a couple quilts to tie she made from her kids clothing...

as was a great Cobbler get together!

enjoy your days my blog friends!                      jody

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Cindygirl...

just turned 19 on June 1st. she is the last of my 5 fur babes. 

a few months ago i lost her sister Frisco (18)  and Emma the Corgi just a month or so ago... two years ago i lost Sally Girl (17) my golden and last year Gizzy (18) - the brother kitty.. so my fur babes have lived to nice old ages, i sure miss having a houseful.

enjoy your days and fur babies my blog friends...                 jody

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday this and that...

 another box from friend Mary,
a lil something for my newest Grandbabe!

 she tucked this in for me..
thank you so much Mary!

mom & dad went on a roadtrip and stopped on the way home,
to see their newest greatgrandbabe!
i did hear that mom only let dad hold her for 5 minutes then she grabbed her away!
they sure enjoyed their visit with Tonya and babe!

i went to this sale a few days ago, had gone to it last year also.
there was just as many treasures this year as last year! was fun and great prices on the glassware!

enjoy your days my blog friends...                             jody