Monday, October 20, 2014

Yep, its Fall...

i have been working in the yard a bit everyday... lots to cut down and get put away for the season...
im always amazed of the beauty of fall...

Auntie Norma made some pumpkin pie for mom and dad... 
i tasted and its great!

and look at this lil pumkin!

Daughter Angie and Grandbabe #1 went to visit Grandbabe #3

and Grandbabe #2 got his school pictures back!

Emma Girls visit to the vet not getting any better, her blood sugar 634...
im picking up a new bottle of insulin and increasing it.

I found these cute lil Corgi socks...

enjoy your day my blog friends!                Jody

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Weekly trip to the vet...

Unfortunately not good news.. Emma girls  Blood Sugar is the highest so far at 562. so increase insulin again and continue trying to get her to eat.. she is up and about and still following me from room to room.

sorry i didnt edit these.... but thought they were cute hanging in the clinic..

my late sister Joans youngest son Ethan just finished boot camp!! so proud of him!!
This is him and his girlfriend Haley

Zach, Ethan and Joshua! proud brothers!

enjoy your day my blog friends!              jody

Monday, October 13, 2014

This and That...

Have you ever not been able to find something you know you have in your house?
i for the life of me couldnt find this basket of wool noodles that i knew i had!
so my wool closet was rearranged a few times as long as lots of areas searched..
sister Jana was over and i was telling her about this and at the same time we thought of
St. Anthony and the next morning i found the basket of wool... down the basement of all places..?

Sister Jana and I went over to mom and dads for moms home made wonderful pizza! Yum!
Thanx mom and dad!!

 i can read their minds... of course we need a picture...

Grandbabe #1 rode his bike over after school and i had him start picking apples..
of course he needed his kunfu moves...

Then we went for a walk around the neighbor hood with Koa..
our neighbor hood is surrounded by the river..

a picture in friends Dave and Sandras yard!

lots of construction unfortunately.. the land was sliding into the river.

this all use to be houses and trees but the river was always trying to flood
so dike work needed to be done...

hard to see but Dads chicken yard right across the river from my house..empty now,
the neighbor is getting the land and has been working in it all summer...

 a picture of Grandbabe #2

and Grandbabe #3 shes 6 months old already!
Grandma Jody needs to get there to see her!..

enjoy your day my blog friends!              jody

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Catch up...

so i have been hooking a bit at night and realized i didn't have enough wool to finish...
so added some stars and will see what else i can do.. has this ever happened to you my hooking blog friends?

also measured out oils for a few (43) batches of soap..

its been cold and windy here so i made up some tortellini / meatball soap...

 This lil guy stopped buy to say hi and feed the fish..

daughter Angie and a couple of her friends got together and made up
a bunch of crock pot freezer meals.. great idea for those busy moms!

well we are still struggling with Emma's Blood sugar... 490 today :(
she seems to be handling it well tho just not eating much..
so for another week 10 units twice a day and trying to get her to eat.,, 

enjoy your day my blog friends!!           jody

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Love Small Town Sales....

Cindy girlfriend and I go to a community sale twice a year in a small town about 45 minutes away... the drive goes fast as the country is so beautiful now with all the colors and geese flying. we even have seen a mama moose with twins on this drive a couple years back. the gals have come to know us and will come up to us and say " nice to see you two and we have lots of treasures this time!! Where else do you have a menu in the middle of street but in a small town...

 The ladies always serve a great meal...and its a great gathering place for alot of the folks.
it usally is on for 5 days and a different meal everyday, i bet a few of these people go everyday!
i would if i lived there!

 apple crisp! Cindy loves desert so i gave her mine too!!

and then we shopped again!

love this color wool! 2.00!

enjoy your day my blog friends!!                         jody

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cobblers were here!

As always good food, friends and show & tell!
i made a stuffed pepper soup, home made cheese stix and bread stix
all great recipes!

i think cobbler joyce brought cookies!

cobbler Carol made a lemon desert!

i had the cobblers wave to cobbler Beth who lives in California..

Koa snoopen...

lots of new patterns!

sister Jana had to get this cuz ...

they brought this back from their road trip for me...

cuz it said cobblestone..and is a country thread pattern.
the lil crow pocket i believe Stacy from buttermilk basin made it.

sister Janas too cute...

Carol showing a kit she bought for a black and cream quilt.
Jana and Pat looking at pictures on the IPAD of cousin/cobbler Beth and family

cobbler Carol made this wool mat for cobbler Carol P

a few goodies auntie Mary picked up..

 I guess auntie Mary was busy and punched this while in the car..

she also surprised Carol P with this beautiful quilt!

Sister Jana showing fabric she bought for a baby quilt..

she also bought these at Country Threads for her punch projects.

Auntie Mary brought us each a wine coaster...

Carol P couldnt find a thimble so brought us each a spoon from a road trip of hers..

and Koa hung out with us too.. Emma was under the table.

It was another great cobbler get together!

enjoy your day my blog friends!                    jody