Sunday, March 26, 2017

i have been busy soaping!

the start of a week or so of soaping!
Fir Needle essential oil is first!

 soon after pouring into molds..
cranberry/fig & love spell
still need to gel! i'm using heating pads to help it along..

i forgot to take a picture of the back ones in this picture :(
Blueberry swirl & Frankincense/Myrrh
the soap fairy (devil) didn't visit me this time around!
all went well and i am so happy with how they all turned out!!
** and my house smells so good!

enjoy your spring days my blog friends!                    jody

*i heard/saw a Robin here on the first day of spring
*i have been hearing a wren on my morning walks for about 3 weeks which is
early this year

Monday, March 13, 2017

Cobblers at the Cabin! (long post)

Thank you so much sister Jana! you are the hostess with the mostest!!
Cobbler Joyce and Beth weren't able to come..we sure missed them!
we all had a great productive fun time!! and probably shouldn't eat for a week!
 I have loved this drive in to the cabin ever since i was a little girl.
it changes with every season...
 uncle Doodles/auntie Marys storage area with grandpas sign from a past business.
Marys and Pats cabins are a couple doors down from Janas...
I'm here!!
Jana has the fire all ready and kept it going all weekend..
  a little sewing before the others arrive!

 up in the loft in front of the bedroom..
this was our grandparents rocker and bench,
a perfect place to sit and look out at the lake.

everyone's here and a few gifts for the hostess!

some food....
just part of Saturdays breakfast....

Carol was busy stitchen in the sun!

 auntie Pat was working on a jean quilt!

 love it Auntie!
Carol P was working on pillow cases and a cool quilt!

 Janas neighbor Joette stopped over and was working on these scrubbers for washing dishes
i think she was crocheting them.. she brought wonderful meat/chz/crackers!
Auntie Mary was punchen!
sister Jana was giving Carol a tutorial on putting a zipper in a pouch as Carols working on a new idea for the market this spring!
 this was a purchased pouch (her flower) but she wants to make her own out of wool..
 in between being the hostess with the mostest sister Jana finished 2 baby quilts and
 another quilt top!

 love this! i want to make one!
me.. i was working on 2 baby quilts.. 
 I'm going to applique CALLIE down the dark purple strip..
the pattern didn't have the bigger border but sure needed it.. I'm happy with it!
 block from Henry's quilt... i left on Saturday but i did work on it last night,
am half done now..
supper Saturday night that i missed :(
it was so much fun!! can't wait til next time!!

enjoy your day my blog friends!!                             jody