Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lets See....

I feel like i have nothing to post about, just been same ol here waiting for the snow to melt and spring clean up to begin.
almost there....

i did sell alot of my blue/white i brought back from Japan
 (did ask the kids if they wanted it...)
don't worry still have more for the kids to divide up someday,
i just don't have any sentimental value to some of this as i love love my
antique Japanese things and use them in my decorating, but these have 
been stored since moving to the states almost 20 yrs ago now, so anyway
glad they found a home where they will be enjoyed! the best part is
Daughter Angela is going to the cities for training and the gal will meet her there!
so no shipping other that the car ride involved sooo i dont have to worry about
breakage! that alone to me means it was ment to be!

 here are the latest grandbabe pictures!
Grandbabe #1 with Great-grandma...

Grandbabe #2 trying on clothes for Daddy and Tonyas Wedding this summer

Grandbabe #3 sleeping... 

Enjoy your day my Blogging Friends!             Jody

Monday, April 14, 2014

Cobbler Carol.....

E-mailed me and told me it was time to update! Thanx Carol for checking on me!!
Well lets see... I dropped my phone and shattered the screen! Dang it! So my computer guy is replacing the screen, thank you Will! i will have it back tomorrow.. so im getting rid of my cute cheap cases and sticking with a heavy duty case... lesson learned!

I made Flat bread this time and topped it with roasted tomatoes and artichokes... yum!

Big hockey Game this past weekend.. Minnesota against North Dakota! we won!
but lost the national championship.

The ice went off down the river, another sign of spring! It gets going fast and loud..
goodbye for another year!
Went to a sale and got 2 wool blankets and a quilt top for 1.00 each..
love love the red one and its in perfect shape!

This little sweetie likes to be up during the night like her grandma!
shes gained almost 2 lbs already and they will be home this weekend,
her great grandparents are anxious to hold her!

Enjoy the rest of your day my blog friends! and Carol!                        Jody

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sister Jana....

And Husband Steve have a Grandbaby Girl due any day! and this weekend found out that they are.....
going to have another Grandbabe! yep due in October!So another Great Grandbabe for Mom and Dad!
Janas 2nd oldest son in the line of 4 boys! what a busy year our family's have! babes, graduations, weddings oh my!

Heidi has already been busy making baby things!!
they dont plan on finding out if they will have a boy or girl
so it will be a surprise!

look who Emma and I spotted walking by!
and Dad thought he would get by with out a picture!

it is suppose to get to 70 above here so i bet lots of our snow will be melting!! whoo hoo! Spring?

Emma Girl and I are adjusting to her twice a day shots, she seems to be doing fine...
we go next week to get her blood sugars checked. Thank you Blog Friends for all
your input and advice!

Enjoy your day!                           Jody

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Morning Sunshine!

yes! the sun is shining and the snow is melting! spring is in the air even with bunches of snow still on the ground..the robins are singing, the geese are flying and the sales are starting!!

nice size wool skirt for .50 hard to get a good picture of the color tho... love love it!

 working on soap orders ...

i ordered a magazine and some dyes from Laurie at
a few blogging friends have projects in this spring issue!!

 and this ray of sunshine is up to 6 pounds already!!

enjoy your day!        jody

Friday, April 4, 2014

Emma the Corgi...

and i took a road trip to the vet, daughter Angie had noticed she was drinking alot of water while i was in Duluth. Shes also been piddling here and there which isn't like her...

well, a few pounds over weight... like the rest of us.

now for the blood work.... its ok Emma girl.

oh shoot! blood sugar way to high at 445...

so here we go... hopefully soon you will feel better Emma Girl!

any advice from my blogging friends on what to watch for etc. is appreciated!

enjoy your day!        jody

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


its been snowing.... 14 more inches to be exact. so yesterday was spent doing snow removal.

i tried a new recipe for lavash cracker bread...

and had to make do with toppings as was storming out...
made a garlic aioli added some sun dried tomatoes, basil, crack pepper bacon and cheese.
i think a veggie one would be great too with atsiago, provolone or havarti cheese....

i ordered some rice crackers i had been looking for from Japan... love the internet.
they taste better than what i remember!

today the sun is shining and we are expecting temps in the 50s this weekend
i just saw on the news that Duluth is expecting a snow storm now.... and they have
tons more snow than us already.... spring? summer? or will we be skipping it this year?

enjoy your day my blogging friends!                  jody

Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Check In....

sooo today we are having a snow storm... high winds and snow. yuk.
Angela, Jeff, Tonya and grandbabes went on a road trip to meet the newest member of the family while i stayed home with the grandpups...

Sister Jana/Steve had a great trip to New York!

I even caught a glimpse of her while they were outside here!

Good food and good drinks!

Sister Jana keeps us supplied with Prayer Shawls... she brought Dad one, he modeled it for me.

well guess i will get busy and try accomplish something, on this blizzardy day....

Enjoy your day my blogging friends!                 Jody