Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another Wedding!

Sister Jana/Steves 3rd son Nick married Taylor on Saturday.. it was a wonderful day!


beautiful couple and beautiful decorations..

they are both hunters...( Taylor is also in vet school ) this is the cake top

Sister and Steves 4 boys all hunt and brought out the duck calls!

 my 3 out bonding...

Mom and Sister Auntie Norma...

 Dad.. did really well with the wedding and reception!

4 months old now and 12 lb 12oz...

she loves her great grandma!

 The boys playing chess, eating snacks and laughing alot!

It was a great weekend!

Enjoy your day my blog friends!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fiber Arts Road Trip...

I jumped in the car last Sunday and off to this!

 i thought this was a cool idea...
she just gorilla glued the cup down and made a pincushion
for in the cup. nice plate to hold sewing needs!

i ran into a friend Sue and she
showed me a book her sister wrote...

i went to the show to see my blog friend Traci from
so nice to see her and her husband and catch up a bit!
and then i cant leave Fargo with out a
Granit City Flatbread Pizza!
i did share with Daughter Angie....

Dad continues to be doing really good!!

Enjoy your weekend my Blog Friends!                              Jody

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Road Trip..

With sister Jana and cobbler Carol P to celebrate Carols Birthday!
we went to  http://www.fayesquiltshop.com/ about an hour drive so had a nice visit along the way.
we got a late start so stopped to eat lunch at Paula's Cafe before walking down the block to the shop.

Then it was time to shop!

i always like to check our some of Fayes collections!

This is some what i came home with!
She was having a sale and i got some kansas Troubles and Buggy Barn fabric at 50% off,
These lint brushes, free pattern and
information on up coming quilt shows!

Mom and Dad are doing real well, mom is working really hard to finish up
some dish towels with a lake motif for Nick/Taylors wedding this weekend and
dad is back to reading all his newspapers and taking a lil nap now and then!

 Enjoy your day!                     Jody

Monday, August 11, 2014

Farmers Market and a sale...

yep, another early Sat. morning... we actually got to the sale way out in the boonies and hour early! so decided to venture back a bit and run to the farmers market. i needed a bagel fix! so nice to see Marge the Bagel Lady and her yummy bagels! i got Jalapeno / cheddar and Cindy got Blueberry and of course we each got one for the road! I was sorry to see Auntie Mary wasn't there as was out of town for the weekend.. hopefully next time!

Then back to the sale!

 i did leave with these two quilt tops....
i loved the wool blankets too but.. to much $!

Have I told you I love sales?......

Enjoy your day my blog friends!                 Jody

***soon a post on yesterdays fiber arts show and seeing my blog friend again!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Cobblers were....

at Cobbler Carol P's house last week! she offered to have us there as i was busy with wedding stuff and had all 4 pups here at the house too. Thank You Carol P!!!!
After a tour of her house and sewing room we.... Ate pizza, fruit, salad and dessert!

Carols fur babe Bell

Carol loves COLOR and had just added this chair to her living room
its so colorful and fun!

i think these were called fake moca bars and they were so good!

 Carol F had submitted a tip to Fons & Porters Quilting show
and it was excepted and going to be used! how fun for Carol!
 Auntie Mary had a couple show and tells that she had
bought at the flea market she sells at.

this Union Lake had a place for a picture and she said
a young child had made these. im sure it will hang in her
home at the lake!

 Marys son has a company so she was punching his logo..

Always fun to catch up with the Cobblers!

enjoy your day!                                    Jody