Thursday, December 13, 2018

busy and baskets...

we got snow yesterday so i spent the morning out blowing snow..
then woke today and we had more! so spent an hour or more shoveling..
i dont have time for snow!
sister Jana ordered 5 small market baskets 
for the gals who work at the clinic for her husband,
and my daughter in law Jess ordered 2
 so i have been busy finishing up on those..

then i wanted to make a bread/muffin basket 
to fill with homemade goodies for a friend.. 

so i just finished staining the bread basket and tying on tags
im done! now maybe i can start some Christmas Decorating!

sister Jana got an early Christmas gift!
a new grandson! her 7th grandbabe! 
she now has me beat by 1!
this is Jack Walter!
welcome to the family baby Jack!

my son Jason was in town and stopped by mom/dads..
as always lots of goodies in the making! 

i have been stitching on these at night to have on hand
easy to throw in a card.
not a very good picture.... 

enjoy your day my blog friends......       jody

Friday, December 7, 2018

wow! what a COLLECTION!

one of my eBay customers who purchased a vintage David Dean Marx -marxie wind up toy sent me pictures of their collection! oh my gosh! i had to share with you!
they even keep a log telling where each toy came from and how it was found!

we went out to eat last night with mom and dad! 
we went in together and bought her a necklace 
for her 80th birthday! she loved it! 
we had great bonding, food and fun!

they were so cute sharing a salad.... 

yum! and left overs tonight! 

enjoy your days my blog friends!          jody

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Mom turned 80 yesterday!
sister Jana, Mara (Janas granddaughter), Auntie Norma (moms sister),
daughter Angela and I met for lunch!

Jana brought cupcakes! yum! 

i stopped over later with balloons!
and just happened to have my camera ;)

we are going out to eat tonight!
this is a picture sister took the other day
she stopped by and mom/dad were busy making

yesterday i stopped by for a visit and to give 
Auntie Norma her Christmas quilt! 
she was excited!
i told her she needed to cuddle with it, she said 
Oh no! i cant use it! i hope she does tho!

enjoy your days my blog friends!      jody
* short walk this morning..-7 today.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Cobblers last night..

At sister Janas! we had quilts to tie and a birthday celebration!
always lots of food, fun & friendship!

sister got her splint off! 

sister jana & steve just had their 34th anniversary! 

now to get to work!

i had 4 Christmas quilts to tie
i made this one for my auntie norma! (moms sister) 

Auntie pat doesn't know this but..
she helped tie her own quilt! 

the next 2 are for a couple gals
who were there to help when my husband passed..
food, snow-blowing, just silently there. 
i have been wanting to make these for them for years..
better late then never i guess... 

this last one i some how forgot to put the end
green borders on..whoops 

carol p had ordered etched glassware for Christmas gifts
from auntie mary. she does beautiful work! wish i had gotten
a close up of them...

lastly auntie pat had a quilt to tie, her sister made it for her
with machine embroidering in the squares. it was stunning!

now we have a birthday to celebrate!
Happy Birthday Auntie Mary! (Dec. 2nd)

thank you carol p!

joyce had gone out to visit mary in california
so made earrings from shells/clock parts (grandpa was a watchmaker)
she liked the eye one so thru that in extra! 

carol ordered a couple great patterns and 
shared her latest magazines... 
cant wait to see them finished!!

Thank you sister jana for hosting!

enjoy your day my blog friends!          jody