Monday, January 23, 2012

busy weekend!

but a great weekend, having everyone around and cooking! gosh feels like i have been away from here for along time, i have missed you guys! need to sit with a cup of coffee and get caught up!
we went to an indoor swim park on sat and boy did the little ones have a good time, and the bigger ones too! i thought for sure it would be a quiet ride home but .. they just kept right on going. As you know was g-babe #2s birthday, he belongs to Jeff in the blue, #1 g-babe belongs to Angie in the grey, Jason and Jessie are busy down in the cities finishing school and working so they have my only grand- kitty! no babies yet. this is not the best picture, i have been working on this computer for 2 1/2 hours haven't even had a whole cup of coffee yet, anyway this is a picture of a was in my christmas picture card. i am going to try get a couple more pictures on here.

ok... i know its not on here perfect but i don't dare mess with it. these two g-babies are cousins and are 2 years apart, its like looking at my boys when they were little.. one dark, one blond and about 2 years apart. Jason was always so busy and Jeff just watching him and its still kinda that way. Jeff defiantly has the patience and laid back personality that his daddy had, and Jason the silliness and humor, Jeff has humor its just quiet humor! 
we had a Thomas the train party here and he had a john deere party with his mommy and family so he of course as they all do, made a haul and had  fun.    enjoy your day!       jody

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