Friday, August 3, 2012

babies again!

yep, and i think there are 2 this time! i saw a little dark puff and now a little yellow puff so ... time will tell. in this first picture mom and dad are keeping their little ones warm ( as if it isn't warm enough out ) and this is the last babie pecking at some bread.. so now you will be getting baby dove pictures again!
still hot and ugly muggy! i have been trying to weed abit and cut some things down in my gardens. my gardens look like its the end of august already..

look closely...... its the little yellow puff.

my son Jason and a couple friends packed up the moving truck on Tuesday and drove to Duluth on wed unloaded and drove back to mlps on Thursday to take a final at school. i bet they are tired... and Tue am i got a text at 6:30 telling me that they woke up to no power in their apt building, no elevators ect.. and they were 3 floors up sooo not a happy camper and the did haul alot down the stairs before the power came back on later in the morning... Jessica's last day of work is today and she will be going to Duluth to settle in while Jason stays in mlps to finish up some stuff before heading to Duluth
to start his internship.

enjoy your day!                   jody


  1. Uggh, I wouldn't want to be moving in this heat. And no electricity..... It's a scorcher here today. We went for a drive in the air conditioned car.

  2. Hello Jody, sweet little birdies,love them so. Finally a little cooler here, stay cool. Blessings Francine.

  3. I saw it! Just a little bit of fluff! How exciting!
    Hope all goes well this weekend for you and the family!