Saturday, August 25, 2012

birthday and a sale!

first, Cindy (my partner in crime) called early and said "theres a sale, lets go" and i said "ok! you pour me a cup of coffee and ill be right there!" shes the navigator and I'm the driver. it was here in town so off we went! alls i really bought was a book, 2 Bakelite handle old utensils and these blankets for .50 cents a piece... the bottom one im not sure it seems like a felted wool but i love the color. the next is a wool by chatham blanket, then 2 small pieced lap type. they are pieced with wool and crochet together. the one on top i may leave for a bit but the bottom one is warped and out of shape so will cut up. then there is a really pretty bigger lap type with hand quilting, i may see if one of the boys/girls want it and then the last is a quilt for the kittys ( they needed it sooo badly, ill add it to their pile).
today is happy birthday to my partner in crime!!!! happy day Cindy! she loved her quilt and i didn't give her any time to get sentimental as we had a sale to go too! she is spending the day at home, in the yard with her husband, the grandbabes will be around for a few games of crochet which i understand is quite the show...i may need to sneak over and video! here is a picture of her, husband Dennis, spoiled pup woofy... and their beautiful back yard, which they have just put together in 2 years as they had to move for flood control. they are still only about a block away! they had 34 baby turtles hatch in the yard that will be pointed in the right direction to the river later today.


happy birthday Cindy! i love you my friend! you too Dennis!
enjoy your day!         jody


  1. Is Woofie Sallie's best friend too? They look the same age. You scored. It's very special to have such a friendship.

  2. 'A friend loves at all times' so you two partners in crime must have a special bond!
    Love those blankets - they are great to have in your stash!

  3. Hi Jody, wonderful to have a partner in crime, best wishes to your friend Cindy. Beautiful yard, so happy the baby turtles will be helped, they need it. Great blankets, yey!!!! Blessings Francine.

  4. Those little last minute adventures with friends are always fun. Cute turtle !

  5. Happy Birthday to Cindy! Their backyard is very welcoming!
    Can't beat the price of .50 for the blankets!

  6. It looks like your friends and neighbours enjoy gardening. The yard looks so nice. I'm glad that you could make this nice jean quilt for them. I'm sure that they will cherish it for a long time.
    Have a great weekend. JB

  7. Happy, happy birthday to your partner in crime!
    Wonderful back yard. How cool about the turtles!!!
    Happy Saturday.
    Hugs :)

  8. Happy birthday to your friend. It's nice to have a partner in crime! :)

    Wow...lots of turtles! That's neat!


  9. Oh it must be so nice to have a friend like Cindy! Happy Birthday to her!
    Be blessed,

  10. That does sound like fun! Happy Birthday to Cindy!

  11. What a lovely garden you have...and oh how cute are those baby turtles! Birthday Wishes!