Sunday, August 12, 2012

random fur babie pictures...

Sunday today and i wanted to check in and say hi. i have been snapping pictures of my fur babies so just wanted to share some cute ones...


   mom took emma for a walk and almost had to carry her home...

sally girl checken out the pond... 

the pond... 

emma girl... 

saddie girl... 


the babies.. 

sooo cute! 

cindy girl always finds the napping spots... 

i  drove to Fargo, ND 11/2 hr. for a fiber arts festival and didn't see much of it... as i found " Tracey from on the prairie blog" sooo fun and i will blog about it tomorrow!!

enjoy your day!                        jody


  1. My! My! Your little fur babies are all so cute! Nice pics!

  2. Such cute fur babies. I'm looking forward to hearing out the fibre fest.

  3. They're all so adorable, so sweet, such overload of cuteness! I'd be squealing and squeaking with delight all day and would get next to nothing done around the house (or outside) if these darlings were mine. I have three crazy but adorable and loving cats, and I sometimes think I must drive them nuts with all the constant hugging and kissing and cuddling I give them every day - sometimes on a daily basis, lol. Gizzy is amazingly is Sally, and Saddie, and Frisco and Emma and Cindy...oh...they're just making me smile and squeak all over again, just looking at these beautiful and adorable photos of them. Thanks for sharing these - it has definitely brightened up an otherwise very dull and grey Sunday afternoon here in Ireland.

    1. Oops! That should've read HOURLY basis! Just today, I must've spent a good half hour cuddling and hugging and kissing and talking silliness to my three fellas, and I'm sure I saw at least the little one, Phillo (our crazy but lovable Halloween black cat) roll his eyes at the other two and then at me, as if to say, 'Enough already! Get a life! Go do some housework or paint something!' That's how 'bad' it sometimes gets with me. I just have these cat cuddle 'fits' with my boys...they can run, but they can't hide, lol.

  4. wow, that's a lot of fur!!
    just so cute!

  5. Very sweet fur babies. Abby loves pond water too. Apparently it's very tasty.

  6. Hi Jody, OMG!!!!!, love the pet pictures, made my day, all so sweet. Blessings Francine.

  7. Sweet, sweet furbabies!
    Hugs :)

  8. All your furrie babies are adorable! Great pics of them! :)


  9. Cute babies. I. Love the pond!