Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fitz / Floyd , blue and white...

i got out my Halloween Fitz and Floyd, as my sister in law wants to buy some from me and since i really don't use or decorate with it.... I'm trying to lighten the load a bit! sister Jana has most the halloween and more, mom has alot and i had bought double of some. i cant believe how much some of it has sold for on ebay! a witch cookie jar that i paid 29.85 for sold for 305.00 with out shipping. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1987-Fitz-Floyd-Wicked-Witch-Halloween-Hand-Painted-Cookie-Jar-Mint-/251098793677?  i keep it all in the basement on shelves in a glass pantry that grandma used for storage in one of the rooms it goes from one end of the room to the other and is full! thank goodness for these shelves.....they are full. sad! but it did keep me sane while in japan. once a month they would have vendors come on base and they sold all kinds of stuff. i also would travel off base to china petes to buy the Fitz / Floyd, blue and white and other things. (i have stories of driving off base!) its fun to go on the web and look at china petes web site. we also traveled to okinawa where i found alot of the blue and white. sadly this isnt all of it... but im hoping to find great homes for it! and hopefully i will keep it here staring at me till i get rid of it and dont bring it back down the basement...

well the babies have made it to the dowels soooo they are not babies anymore and daddys been cooing as he wants more babies.......told ya they were worst then rabbits!

im going to janas to tie a couple quilts! # 1 grandbabe is spending the day with me so he will help too!

enjoy your day!                            jody


  1. wow! lots to sell there for sure! hope you can sell it all! have a great week!

  2. Right now I am sitting here eating out of a gorgeous blue and white bowl I bought at the Sanno in Tokyo. LOVE China Petes. I'm still using all of my blue and white dishes I bought. Wowzer you really did score some stuff and I LOVE your blue and white collection.