Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursdays thoughts..

Its been cool and windy today, a nice change! Soo i got the oven going and made a flat bread pizza.. Yum! Almost as good as granite city! The flat bread was easy to make, tomato and fresh basil from the garden ( only 1 tomato tho..) and i had sister jana and carol p come taste!
Now im gonna catch up on some blogs and do some hooken! Will show u soon...

Grandbabe #1 and sally girl

Big! Baby doves!

Thrift shop finds, grill - 16. Ive wanted one but not new for 50.00. Tea pot 3.50 and martini glasses for jana so she doesnt have to use a wine glass for a martini and when i bring them to her im having her make me one cuz ive never had one..!

Enjoy your day! Jody

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  1. Sweet pic of Sally and her buddy. Your pizza looks delish! Thank goodness for cooler weather.

  2. Mmm, homemade pizza is so good. You may have inspired one of the weekend meals. When Jana makes your martini, tell her to make it dirty, with 3 olives. Perfect! (now I want one of those too)

  3. I make a lot of home made pizzas! Sounds like you had a good day!

  4. I do believe we may be kindred blog, quilting, hooking, and now Granite City Pizza!!! My absolute favorite is peppered bacon. Do I see bacon on your pizza above? White sauce? Mmm, I'll be right over! You will love your fave is simple grilled cheese with sour dough bread,,,Cheddar, Swiss and fresh Parm....yummy!

  5. Oh! And I forgot to say I love garage sales too! Sounds like you geet to lots of them!

  6. Jody,

    Your flat bread pizza looks delicious! I haven't had pizza in awhile! And what a sweet pic of your grandson walking his furry friend. :)


  7. Oh that homemade pizza looks great, I need to make some once the temps cool down~ Hugs, Diane