Wednesday, August 29, 2012

timeless treasures!

thought i would show you some pictures of " timeless treasures " i call it cindys sanity! she loves to be out there in her own little world and is constantly tweaking, just like me at home....shes now making room for some of my fitz/floyd and blue /white.


today would have been my sister joans (youngest) 49th birthday. so happy birthday sister joan and hope you are resting in peace and not giving my markie and g-ma kiki, to bad of a hard time....!
picture of a picture... and joans in the middle with the dimples..
i ran over to moms to take a picture and shes babysitting my brothers little one who is the same age as my grand baby #1 anyway, they were bonding!
the cobblers are coming tonight and we are eatting pizza! it is suppose to be 98 degrees no cooking for me! so of course pizza and popcorn is the next best thing! hopefully there will be some show and tell for you!! 
enjoy your day!                jody


  1. yep,

    Joan's birthday popped up on my computer too! She will always be remembered.

    Love the pics of the shop. Actually see somethings i need to check out. I'm looking for 1930's clothing. Need them for when Uncle Doodles and i are tootling in our '33 Dodge.

    Can't wait for tonight and i do have several show and tell.

    1. oh good auntie mary! cuz i dont think i have much for show/tell, i did get cindys quilt back to finish some hand applique soo have that to at least "work on"! yes i bet you could find some vintage clothing and cool hats too! see you soon!!

  2. that looks like a fabulous place to shop!
    nothing like the love of family, it transends all barriers because it lives in our hearts forever!

  3. What a great place! Would love to have a place like that close to me!

    What a great tribute to your sister! Love her dimples!


  4. Wow! There are sure to be great treasures for the taking in that amazing place!
    Best wishes

  5. Hello Jody, oh I would love tto shop there to, right up my ally,love that. A great tribute to a wonderful Sis, Happy Bday Joan, love her dimples, just like mine. Enjoy eating the pizza and family,Blessings Francine.

  6. Happy birthday to your oh-so-cute dimpled sister. What a sweet tribute!
    Looks like a fun place to shop.
    Have fun tonight and take lots of pics to share.
    Hugs :)

  7. What a beauitful sister, I know you miss her. That looks like a shop I could browse in for hours, Hugs, Lynn

  8. That place takes you back many years when the living was at a slower pace. Treasures for sure.
    I love your sister's dimples. I always wanted dimples but my daughter got them instead. Happy birthday to Joan your pretty sister. She will be for ever young.

    Hugs, JB

  9. Looks like a fun little store to get lost in! I'd like tto get a closer look at that Dresden plate on black shown in one of the pics! LOL Happy Birthday to your sis.... My deceased brother also just had a birthday in the last few weeks. Brings back good memories...
    Take care!