Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i have been cutting..

jean squares and lots of them! Frisco, one of the cats has been supervising and all tired out. Maybe today i will be sewing jean squares?

                     enjoy your day!              jody

Monday, January 30, 2012

a couple fun buys

Ok, I didn't over spend at the quilt shop sale...I sure could of tho! I did buy 1/2 yard of a few fabrics I really liked and thought I could make something with. The top bunch of course is kansas troubles, I love that line of fabric!(my sister Jana, I think has it all! remember the fat quarter queen?) and then I picked up a few others that I liked too. Daughter Angela, worked all day Saturday at the quilt shop and has yet to fess up to what she came home with.....
Saturday morning (6:15am) my partner in crime (Cindy) and I went to a church sale, looking for things for the shop. I usually only find things only for myself.. :) but did find a couple things for the shop or on ebay (if i can figure out how to list...) One is this adorable little pixieware jam/jelly dish. I love those cute little faces! It will go to the shop, ebay or...... it  looks really good right where it is!!
              enjoy your day!      jody

Friday, January 27, 2012

quilt shop sale

here we come! There is a good sale going on til tomorrow at the quilt shop here in town, everything is 40% off. Of course there is nothing that i really...need, so hopefully i won't go crazy! Sister Jana and I are going and she won't be much help when it comes to buying, shes the fat quarter queen! Then its back here to get started on a couple things. Looks like koa the g-dog knows what i should get started on!
          enjoy your friday!                          jody

Thursday, January 26, 2012

cobblestone quilters

were here last night! as always we ate, (sister janas being funny...) drank and had fun! and some great show and tell...here's proof.
                                 enjoy your day!                    jody

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

still playing...

just when i think i have have this computer thing figured out something changes...and i dont like to play on here... its sooo pretty out today and since the soup is on, table is set i thought id go outside and play in the garden! of course i had my trusty garden crocs on... church bird house and cart from curb shoppen, sally is saying..i know im not suppose to be in here but.... and gizzy is saying, i want to go outside but do you have some boots for me?  enjoy the rest of your day!               jody

sorry about the layout here.....

playing a bit

yes, i have been playing a bit and hopefully will have something to show for it soon. i have been working on a primitive Halloween rug...picking out the colors is always the hardest for me. but i do have fun with the wool...rearranging, refolding ect :)
Tonight the cobblestone-quilters are coming to my house! we started getting together a few years ago to work on something, now its more like eat, drink, show and tell! there are 8 of us, i made a deal awhile back that if they come to my house (i really like to be home...) i would cook for them. Its usually soup and bread or similar. and sometimes even, i order pizza. Tonight tho, i think it will be a shrimp tortilla soup. now to find the right dishes to serve it in.....also playing for me!       enjoy your day!         jody

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my first finished rug

i wanted to show this to prove i do get something done once in awhile! i've been catching up on reading some blogs and i am so in the mood to hook, or at least play with some wool.. so this will be short and sweet so i can get a few house-hold things done and then.... hook?  enjoy your day!             jody

Monday, January 23, 2012

busy weekend!

but a great weekend, having everyone around and cooking! gosh feels like i have been away from here for along time, i have missed you guys! need to sit with a cup of coffee and get caught up!
we went to an indoor swim park on sat and boy did the little ones have a good time, and the bigger ones too! i thought for sure it would be a quiet ride home but .. they just kept right on going. As you know was g-babe #2s birthday, he belongs to Jeff in the blue, #1 g-babe belongs to Angie in the grey, Jason and Jessie are busy down in the cities finishing school and working so they have my only grand- kitty! no babies yet. this is not the best picture, i have been working on this computer for 2 1/2 hours haven't even had a whole cup of coffee yet, anyway this is a picture of a picture....it was in my christmas picture card. i am going to try get a couple more pictures on here.

ok... i know its not on here perfect but i don't dare mess with it. these two g-babies are cousins and are 2 years apart, its like looking at my boys when they were little.. one dark, one blond and about 2 years apart. Jason was always so busy and Jeff just watching him and its still kinda that way. Jeff defiantly has the patience and laid back personality that his daddy had, and Jason the silliness and humor, Jeff has humor its just quiet humor! 
we had a Thomas the train party here and he had a john deere party with his mommy and family so he of course as they all do, made a haul and had  fun.    enjoy your day!       jody

Thursday, January 19, 2012

birthday cake

I received this picture via phone last night, grandson #2 will be 4 on sat and is helping his mom make his birthday cake for day care. he told me he is having a john deere party. could there be anything out there he doesn't have that's john deere....let see.... so we will be celebrating this weekend ! we always laugh cuz this little one has hair just like his daddy, we call him our little white Hawaiian. well I'm off to bond at sister Janas this morning so will pick up mom and off we go...I'm bringing my traveling stitchery that i will  finish someday!
       enjoy your day!!                    jody

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a reading day

I love books, magazines and coffee. today is a quiet, dreary like day and those that know me, know i love these kinda days! so i may light a couple candles, pour some  more coffee sit a spell and do some catching up on some new books i got over Christmas. i love this almondjoy creamer...sinful, especially in the cute little jar.. starting to snow, big slow snowflakes. enjoy your day!    jody

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

new to the family

The other day my daughter added another to her family, a golden doodle. his dad was a golden retriever 90lbs, mom standard poodle at 70lbs, so he will be a nice size. look at those paws! she brought him home to keep koa company. they rescued koa (means warrior in Hawaiian, my husband was Hawaiian) a 3 yr old mix from a terrible situation and he has been the best dog ever altho he has terrible separation anxiety. he starts shaking when she gets ready for work in the mornings. poor dog, and its just to much to bring him to grandmas doggy- day care altho he does like it over here,especially hunting out my poor kittys, who are 15 and really don't care to deal with him...so hopefully koa and oliver will bond and the problem will be taken care of! grandson #1 is happy to have another playmate, altho oliver has really sharp teeth...
in this picture koa who is  very active seems to be saying
               "grandmas working me to hard..."
    my blog is a week old today! enjoy your day!   jody

Monday, January 16, 2012



           A little welcome to my house, it may change from day to day but you are always welcome!
                           enjoy your day!               jody

Sunday, January 15, 2012

cone heads

Some times when i look at these old treasures hanging here i think i should draw a smile face on them, they remind me of the old beehive hair dos of the 50s. its hard to believe that come summer they are almost hidden by the vines and rhubarb plants that grow beneath them. those rhubarb leaves make a great  bird bath when used with cement. oh such plans......        enjoy your day!      jody

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I love old signs of any kind. My parents sold their garden center about 6 years ago to retire, garden stores are alot of work and it was time for them to have some time to enjoy the days. Thankfully when we moved home i had the chance to work with them for a few years but being close to my 50s i knew my body wasn't able to take in on, but i got a great sign for in my garden and since everything in the garden started from the store, every year i need to do the sign justice and have a great garden! I also got an old sign from the long gone neighbor hood grocery store by curb shopping, also hanging in the gardens.
          enjoy your day!                       jody

Friday, January 13, 2012

curb shopping

 In the spring and fall we have a week here in  Crookston and surrounding towns that we call curb shopping time. i have gotten some great treasures on the curb and this vintage birdbath is one of them. i remember the day i found this! omg so excited and in disbelief that someone could throw out such a treasure and so thankful! i had actually been to this house and knocked on the door to see if i could buy this at one time but no one was home and i hadn't left a note. those that know me, know I'm not always quiet so bold..haha. it is one piece and the bottom round is about 10 inches thick, a great find and a back ache to show for it! i cant wait for curb shopping , its coming in about 3 months....   
Oh my gosh and thank you for commenting on my new blog, some of you i feel like i know you as have been reading your blogs a long time now. I'm so excited for you to get to know me!
      enjoy your day!                  jody

Thursday, January 12, 2012

feed the birds

another cold and windy day, i just went out and fed the birds and can't believe the bird seed isn't flying around! they just sit in my vines and wait for their seed so even when its cold and windy they will get fed. like the rest of my menagerie.   enjoy your day!     jody

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

more like winter

i woke up today to the wood chimes on the balcony just a swingen..cold and windy today, more like our winter weather. we have been so lucky to have had such a mild winter so far with record breaking temps and hardly any snow, even yesterday i had the kitchen door open to the back porch and the dogs could bask in the sunlight coming in and the cats could be out in the front porch looking adorable in their lazy poses. not today im afraid, i think its a day i should start working on a special jean quilt for my (partner in crime) girl friend cindys, grandaughter. they are special jeans from cindys late son... so knowing the difficult year we both went thru last year i think there will be some tears shed on those special jean squares. but a great gift for her grandaughter and maybe i will have enough squares for a jean quilt for cindy too?!
below (whoops, above)  is a  picture from last year around this time, the gardens and treasures were decorated with lots of beautiful snow.                       enjoy your day!    

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

bonding at moms

today is the start of a new adventure! after talking about doing a blog for a long time,  i am just going to dive in and learn along the way. (any advice is welcomed!)
once a week my sister jana and mom jean and i are bonding! (like we never see each other :)) mom lives next door to me and sister across town...like 2 minutes away. we are suppose to be working on ufos, so far we are working on my new ufo this blog! altho jana of course has her needle stitch project along that we both have been working on for like 3 years (a back burner ufo) anyway  moms coffee and rolls are calling my name so for today, my first day of blogging this is it!        enjoy the day!         jody