Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Angelas Quilt..

she is making for a friend. She got it back from the quilter recently....
so now shes been binding.. and tonight i am hanging with Grandbabe #1
so maybe i will help a bit after he goes to bed...i love to bind, i think its a part of quilting you either love or hate...

i had an appt. to take Gizzy to the vet, as to me he had gotten boney and his tummy bloated.. well by Sunday night he was throwing up ect. so i was pretty teary on the 20 mile-ish  ride to the vet, as i was sure i wouldn't be bringing him home. it turns out he has hypothyroid.. so we are trying some meds and hopefully he will perk up. pretty weak by last night so i don't know.. and trying to get the 1/2 pill in him twice a day is proving to be interesting...poor little guy.

I am working on soap today... i hope i don't get side tracked...
enjoy your day!                   jody


  1. Another nice quilt. Your cobblers make so many quilts that you should have your own quilting arm quilting machine.

    Sorry about your cat's health problem. My daughter's cat had that problem and was so thin. I hope that the meds works for Gizzy.

  2. Hi, love the quilt, love all quilts really......Sorry about the kitty, hope all is well, Blessings Francine.

  3. The quilt is gorgeous. I bet your house smells good with the scent of soap! Hugs!

  4. I do not envy you trying to get medicine into a pet! Bless you! Hope there is improvement soon.

    Lovely quilt. Quilting is something I have never tried, and I am totally in awe of those who do.

  5. I first want to say how sad for your little Gizzy...nothing makes me sadder than an ill animal - they only have us to help them and try to figure out how they feel...Glad there is something that may help him.

    The quilt is beautiful. I love the color combination.


  6. Sure hope Gizzy gets to feeling better bless his heart. Love the quilt, the colors are pretty!

  7. I do hope Gizzy feels better soon now that he has been diagnosed and has some meds. Angie's quilt is beautiful and I love the quilting design.