Thursday, December 6, 2018

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Mom turned 80 yesterday!
sister Jana, Mara (Janas granddaughter), Auntie Norma (moms sister),
daughter Angela and I met for lunch!

Jana brought cupcakes! yum! 

i stopped over later with balloons!
and just happened to have my camera ;)

we are going out to eat tonight!
this is a picture sister took the other day
she stopped by and mom/dad were busy making

yesterday i stopped by for a visit and to give 
Auntie Norma her Christmas quilt! 
she was excited!
i told her she needed to cuddle with it, she said 
Oh no! i cant use it! i hope she does tho!

enjoy your days my blog friends!      jody
* short walk this morning..-7 today.


  1. Happy, happy birthday to mom. She and your dad look so happy together. WONDERFUL!
    -7 ??? No thank you.

    1. mom and dad celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary Dec. 27th! its been wonderful seeing them grow older and happier together!
      i dont mind the snow but hate the wind and ice! its horribly and dangerously icy so would welcome some snow cover... thank you Lauren for stopping by!

  2. Wishing your beautiful Mom a Very Happy Belated Birthday. She always has such a beautiful smile on every picture I see of her. How lucky you are to have both your parents with you. She still has that twinkle in her eye. They look happy together...

    I thought it was cold here but it's much colder where you are. Better use some grippers on your boots to walk on ice.
    Stay safe and warm.

    Hugs, Julia

    1. this mornings walk was a bit nicer at 15 above! yes! i dont walk without my gripers! love them! enjoy your day Julia! thank you for stopping by i love hearing from you all! who have hung in there with me for years now!