Thursday, April 25, 2019

cobblers at sister Janas

we met at sister Janas last night to tie quilts and have a Birthday Celebration!
pizza, salad, Carol ps deviled eggs & avocado dip, Marys HOT salsa, chips, fresh pineapple, Carols yummy bars and chocolate!

getting right down to business! sister Jana helped her future daughter in laws sister Carly sew her first quilt! (shes a senior in high school) future quilter!? so we all helped tie it! she loves animals and got the other fabric from her grandmas stash!

 Auntie Pat helped and supervised!

 done! and beautiful Carly!

 Auntie Pat and Auntie Mary make a jean quilt for each grandbabe that graduates dating way back starting with me i think!
this is the backing for Ethan, Pats grandbabe. hes kinda a flower child like me so Mary thought this backing was perfect! me too!

 this is the backing to sister Janas 4th of July quilt!

Love it! and perfect for the 4th of July Celebrations!

show and tell..
i showed my 2 rugs i finished (still need to bind the chair pad) a little wonky but...

sister Jana showed her quilt she got back from the quilter!
she made it for an employee at the clinic! great machine quilting!

Carols daughter had a book made from their trip to Italy!

Carol p wanted help placing her quilt pieces for a quilt 
shes making for her grandbabe! 

time for a birthday celebration!
sister Jana made a great frozen buster bar desert..
boy wish i had a piece now with my morning coffee! 

Happy Birthday Carol!! whoo hoo! 

she thinks my Dennis is pretty cute so Auntie Mary 
had  a pot holder made for her! we sure had fun with this gift! 

Another great Cobbler get-together!!
thank you sister Jana for hosting!

enjoy your day my blog friends!        jody


  1. I really enjoy sharing in your family get together s

  2. always so wonderful to see your gathering.
    congrats to to the new quilter