Thursday, October 31, 2019

Cobbler Joyce's Birthday!

Last night we met at sister Janas to tie quilts..
Daughter Angela joined us!
they had about finished one when i got there
 and we got another in the frame. 

But first! we had to eat!!
it was Joyces birthday and she loves
chicken so we had fried chicken and the works! 
for some reason i didnt get alot of food pictures..

then it was time to get to work!
Angela made this quilt for her boyfriends lil one..

sister Jana always ready for a picture! 

Auntie Mary trying on Angies glasses 

Daughter Angela and I.. 

i made this jean quilt for granddaughter Callie
using papa Marks Jeans and Fatigues... 
i will have a picture of him 
on a ribbon from his uniform for in a pocket. 

This ones for grandbabe Henry! 
using papa Marks Jeans and Fatigues... 
i will have a picture of him 
on a ribbon from his uniform for in a pocket. 

then it was time to celebrate Joyces Birthday! 

Mary gave her a great hat for on the pontoon 
and a Pie! 

Auntie Pat made Joyce dish towels.. 

Carol p bought this from Carol for Joyce, 
shes a nurse! and we all love knowing 
shes there for us  in the ER if needed! 

Carol made this for a fellow farm girl! 

i gave her soup and bread mix and sweet grass soap.
and sister Jana gave her a holder/dispenser for 
saran wraps..
then we gave her a house warming gift 
for outside one of her big windows!

sister jana had show and tell
first what she bought at Buttermilk Basin!
her and Steve were on a road trip! 

then some pillow cases she made for the grandbabes! 

Carol P brought us each a thimble
 from a road trip her and Chuck took!

Auntie Mary had finished the first of many
of her mission quilts she makes every year..

it was as always Great Fun! Food and Friends!
**sorry for some poor pictures..
im having problems with my camera,
maybe time for a new phone..
i take so many pictures and
 i know the cobblers really don't appreciate
my camera in their face all the time..
but very few turn out..
enjoy your Halloween my blog friends!


  1. You and your family sure do make a lot of quilts.
    The quilt for Callie is SO SPECIAL!!! Memories.

  2. It's so nice seeing you in the pictures with your cobbler friends. I was wondering how many quilts you girls make in a year. It must be a large number.
    Happy Belated Birthday to Joyce.
    Mmm, that pie looks delicious.I love fried chicken too and a bit of wine.
    Thanks for sharing your get-together with us your far away friends.
    Happy Halloween.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Looks like such fun! love the quilts