Sunday, June 28, 2020

Mom and Dad are doing good!

thought id do a quick update on 
mom and dad!
daughter Angela bought herself a new Cricket!
and has been busy!!

moms been busy with her garden!

the radish crop has been great and
dad got onions this last week and was happy! 

updated picture! 
Beans are almost ready!

always some social distancing porch sitting!
dad must of beat mom to her regular chair! 

sister Jana painted dad an orange door 
from the garage to the house for Fathers day!
dad has always wanted an orange door..
he was very surprised and happy!
he said after 60 years i finely got my orange door! 

one more coat and will be good to go!
daughter Angela is going to make a decal
that says daddy's orange door!

mom wanted to be able to cut her grass if she wanted!
so she invested in a 
battery operated electric start lawn mower!
you go mom!! 

brother Jim stopped by to visit and 
mom was getting ready to trim her hedges..
brother Jim took over! and they supervised! 

daughter Angela, boy friend Brett and Brodie
stopped by so Brett could fix the screen in the porch! 

moms happy! as she asked me years ago to do it!..
they got some great 
caramel monkey bread out of the deal! 

sister Jana and mom went to do a little shopping
and stopped for a Wendy's baked potato! 

they went out the lake to sister Janas cabin
for burgers on the deck yesterday! 
Auntie Mary and Doodles ( moms Brother )
stopped by but! no! pictures!
i heard though that they had a nice
drive out and great visit!

enjoy your day my blog friends and be safe!   jody


  1. so nice you and your family take good care of your parents. you seem like a very close knit family anyway.

  2. So happy to hear mom and dad are doing so well.
    I got a battery lawnmower for my birthday a few years ago (I blew up my other mower by not checking the oil!!!). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!