Sunday, October 11, 2020

Oh my gosh! its been toooo long!

Summer was a whirl wind and now
its fall, with lots to do before
the white season!
The cobblers met last week out in the woods
at Auntie Marys!
i haven't been going much
and keeping pretty close to home..

as always great food!

Auntie Mary made this quilt for her grandson!

and this is her finished wool quilt top!
Mary, Carol and Jana each made one!
wish i had, but guess i still could!

then Carol brought show and tell!
wow has she been BUSY!

great wool work Cobbler Carol!
**thank you sister for the pictures!**
as always they have great
 food, friendship and fun!
even when a couple of us are missing!
Mom and Dad are good! we have been social distancing 
on the porch ALOT this summer!

oh Daddy...

Next post i will introduce you to the 
newest member of my house!
enjoy your fall days my blog friends!    jody